Student claims zoo’s two ‘zebras’ are painted donkeys

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An Egyptian students claims an Egyptian zoo painted a pair of donkeys and are passing them off as zebras. Mahmoud Sarhan posted photos of the suspicious donkeys on his Facebook page and online animal experts agree with him.

According to the Hurriyet Daily News, the Cairo International Garden municipal park zoo director, Mohamed Sultan, insists the zebras are real, but the photos show black smudges on the animal’s face along with pointy ears and its small size. Reported experts, who have weighed in on the controversy, agreed both “zebras” had been painted. Real zebras have black snouts, and their stripes are more consistent and parallel – every zebra’s stripes are different.

Painting donkeys to look like zebras is not a new concept. A zoo in Gaza painted two donkeys in 2009. The two white donkeys had been dyed with the black stripes and it amused the children who had never seen a real zebra – so what the heck? Still, there is something very wrong about deceiving the public.

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  1. This is nothing more than animal abuse perpetrated to deceive – this pitiful zoo should be shut down and the so called ‘director’ Mohamed Sultan aka Maggot Sultan fired now – his abusive and cruel actions are deplorable and his total lack of humanity and compassion for these animals pretty much prove he is unfit to be in the position of Director – he does not deserve to be director of anything. Get rid of him.


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