Stray dogs in India mysteriously killing children

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In New Delhi, scientists are trying to figure out why a pack of stray dogs in villages near the north Indian town of Sitapur have mysteriously been killing children.

According to the Independent, six children between the ages of five and 12 have been killed by strays and dozens of other children injured in dog attacks terrorizing the town and keeping children indoors and home from school for fear of being hurt of killed.  Since November, 12 children have died as a result of dog attacks. Vigilante residents bearing guns and bats have been shooting dogs while city authorities have been netting and capturing the animals.

The World Wildlife Fund and the Indian Veterinary Research Institute have sent teams to study the dangerous issue. Feral dogs are a common sight; some residents regularly feed the strays while other people beat them. A victim’s parent stated the dogs that are attacking are different from the stray dogs commonly seen begging for food. Some villagers blame the problem on an illegal slaughter house in the area recently closed down – now the strays have no more food.

Residents in the area are placing collars on the docile dogs to prevent dog catchers and police from killing them. In the last few days, 24 dogs have been captured, but the dangers are still not over.

(Photo of stray dogs in India killing children screenshot via ndtv)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    India has NO regard for the welfare of ANY of their women, especially infants and young girls as they REGULARLY ALLOW ALL men to rape, kill and FORCE young girls into marriage. Their “so-called” men almost NEVER get punished for their egregious acts of sadistic barbarian treatment toward women and animals alike. The ONLY thing these nasty, mean, filthy sub-human maggots care about is beating the downtrodden, making money from the rampant horrific slaughter of otherwise gentile animals, robbing women of any rights and use the brutal abuse and violent murder of MOST animals as their form of “entertainment”. I’ve been saying for a LONG time that these sub-human monsters will reap what they’ve sown. So, here we are, they are getting what they deserve. However, I doubt if they’ll get the lesson as these retarded, arrogant pieces of trash will blame everything/everyone else for what’s happening. Mark my words, God WILL have the last word with these vile creatures.

  2. Marni Montanez says:

    No one wants their children hurt or killed, and at the same time, with all this chaos they are killing the dogs who are gentle and just looking for food. I hate that.


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