Stray dog lived with metal duct work stuck around his neck for months

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, an animal rescue organization has promised to help a stray dog with metal duct work stuck around his neck. The Rescued N’Ready Animal Foundation volunteers were finally able to catch the dog on Wednesday roaming in the north Tulsa area after he had eluded both the Tulsa Animal Control and concerned area residents for months.


According to the rescue organization’s Facebook, the metal duct may have been part of a dryer. The dog, now dubbed Marvel is in  critical condition, but veterinarians were successful removing the metal tubing:

“The tubing has cut into both ends of his neck and head. While he is safe for now, we are not sure he will pull through. He is severely anemic, may need a blood transfusion, is ehrlichia positive (tick disease) and is very skinny. No telling how he has been eating. This poor dog is in horrific shape, but he is a survivor. He spent this entire past week of frigid temperatures outside, and he is still alive. The smell that is coming from him due to the infection is nearly unbearable. With lots of prayers and great medical care, he stands a chance…”


As graphic and as disturbing as the photos appear, Marvel seems to have an incredible will to live. His latest update includes  optimistic news:

UPDATE 1/5/18 6:28 AM – Marvel made it through the night. AEC staff were able to get him up and around, and he ate for them too! So far, so good. Naturally, he is very leary (sic) of people and leashing him safely and comfortably is quite foreign to him. We will stay a steady course with him and update you all this evening. Keep the prayers coming and thank you everyone for your continued support.

Questions on social media continue to bring up the length of time Marvel had been walking around in this condition, and why if animal control had been unsuccessful trying to capture a dog in extreme pain and distress, why didn’t they reach out to the rescue organizations for help?

“Rescued ‘n Ready Animal Foundation But why didn’t animal control reach out to the MANY animal rescue folks in our community for assistance? Why let an animal continue to suffer? We would have helped and we know of at least 6 other groups, off the top, that would have helped too. We have to work together to save lives. It’s not about egos, its about stopping the suffering.”

A GoFundMe has been set up for Marvel’s veterinary care. You can mail a check to RnRAF, PO Box 700062, Tulsa, OK 74170-0062 or use PayPal on our website.

(Photos of Marvel with metal duct work around his neck Facebook Rescued ‘n Ready Animal Foundation)

What do you think of this situation and the length of time a dog suffered loose on the streets? Please be respectful when commenting.

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11 replies
  1. Marni says:

    Thank you to those who got this dog to safety. That is so sad. We as Americans have all we need at our fingertips to capture animals safely and yet this dog unnecessarily suffered so long because of inadequate people. This is wrong.

  2. Helen says:

    Some SOB put this metal duct around the poor dog’s neck. It’s disgusting so many heartless people allowed this dog to suffer for such a long time. Yes, animal control failed to do their job, but probably it’s a blessing in disguise that Rescued ‘n Ready Animal took Marvel under their wing, and provided the medical attention Marvel badly needed. Animal control would have dumped Marvel in the kill shelter with no medical care, prolonging the dog’s suffering, and eventually have him euthanized.

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    It’s a wonder to me that anybody in shelters knows how to do their job correctly and it seems like they don’t care if animals suffer or not

  4. Mary says:

    Thank you all for your help. This is absolutely horrific. Animal control failed him, but hopefully the Rescue group will get enough money to cover all expenses and save this poor dog. Helen is correct, animal control was have had him euthanized, and not tried to save him.

  5. willie hines says:

    Animal control doesnt care as long as they get their pay check each week. I have heard of so ao many bad cases against animal control well here is another.This dog walked alone for many months and nobody cared . This is not my Americaso sad .

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Animal Control in most states prove themselves to be incapable, uninterested, and staffed by a bunch of losers who could care less. To do nothing for this poor dog UNTIL rescuers stepped up is commonplace – THEY are responsible for Marvel suffering because they have no interest in helping animals – they keep proving it daily. I hope Marvel fully recovers and gets the safe loving home he definitely never had. And to the maggot shit who stuck that piece of metal on Marvel – I hope you end up dying painfully and slowly in a damn gutter and no one cares.


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