Dog found with over 200 puncture wounds

Stray dog found with over 200 puncture wounds – reward offered for information

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On Tuesday, police picked up a stray dog in Dearborn, Michigan; the dog has over 200 puncture wounds on her body. According to Detroit News, the female dog, dubbed Emlyn, is receiving care for her extensive injuries at Lincoln Park Veterinary Hospital.

What happened to this stray?

Nobody knows for sure what happened to this dog, but there is speculation that she may have been used in dog fighting – specifically, as a bait dog. Some of her wounds are fresh and others are estimated to be months old. In a statement, Jeffrey Disik, one of the dog’s veterinarians, described the injuries:

“This dog has more than 200 puncture wounds, some fresh and some that probably occurred over the last few months, and was most likely used as bait in dog fights. She also has bacterial infections in several areas. Thankfully, she is recovering nicely and will be returned to FAMD in the next day or two.”

A reward for information

Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit has taken the wounded dog under its wing and they are offering a $1,000 reward.  Elaine Greene, the group’s executive director, stated:

“Somebody had to have witnessed this horrible incident. Please contact the shelter at (313) 943-2697 with any information so we can prosecute this person.”

How you can help

Funds are needed for Emlyn’s ongoing veterinary care. Click here if you are interested in making a donation.

(Images via FAMD)

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7 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Emlyn is one of the lucky dogs who will recover from being used as a bait dog. She will find a family who will love and care for her probably for the first time in her life. If you see any cruelty, please notify authorities to have those people arrested for their crimes. Must be much stiffer penalties for dog fighting or even being a part of the fighting should all be in jail.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      THAT would be real justice – dogfighters should be stripped naked, hung from trees and used as target practice. Give these bastards a dose of their own medicine.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Love and many prayers for this beautiful precious dog! Find the F ….. bastard and use him for close-range target practice!

  3. Red says:

    If you KNOW of a dog fighting house, ring, area and you DO NOT REPORT IT…. you are just as guilty as the monsters participating in it. If you WATCH these or know someone who WATCHES these…. you are just as guilty. This is the most horrible thing, why anyone would throw loving dogs into a ring with dogs who have been abused and trained to hurt and kill are sick, vile, monsters!


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