Stray dog found at Georgia church with TWO severely embedded collars

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A stray dog found wandering near a rural church in Georgia has shattered the hearts of everyone at an emergency veterinarian hospital on Sunday. In one of the most egregious cases of pure neglect, the dog wore TWO severely embedded collars around his neck. In the middle of the embedded collars, a huge mass exists.


Rescue Dogs Rock NYC responded to the 911 call and made arrangements to help the young dog they have named Isiah.

“Our hearts are shattered and at the same time, our blood is boiling,” stated the rescue organization’s co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan. “Can you imagine his pain, suffering, feelings of complete desperation and helplessness?”

The first video speaks for itself. WARNING: Extremely graphic and disturbing video showing the dog’s injuries as veterinarian staff clean up the dog’s wounds)

Isiah knew he had finally met someone who would help him. When he was cornered at the church, he was terrified, but knowing this was his last hope, he allowed his rescuer to capture him.

There is a huge mass between the two embedded and constricted collars. It is not known if the collars caused the mass or if there is another physical issue. Isiah has been sedated; the videos shown as the veterinarian staff clean out his wounds, are being done after the dog is comfortably anesthetized.

On Monday, Isiah will be transferred to the rescue’s partner veterinarian for additional comprehensive testing and care.

“This is as bad as it gets folks,” Jackie added. “The worst embedded collar our medical team has ever seen. We hope we are in time.”

Video is extremely graphic showing veterinarian staff cleaning Isiah’s wounds and making sure all of the maggots have been killed. Isiah is sedated in the video.

Donations are needed and can be sent to: or mail: RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY NY 10028

(Updates will follow. Videos and photos of dog with embedded collars found at church  courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.)

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7 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    THERE SRRE IS NO SUCH THING as a GEORGIA PEACH down there in that God Forsaken… IT IS A TOSS UP between TEXASS & GEORGIA for the # of Demon’s that reside in either State… EVIL, DEMENTED, VILE VERMIN live in both of those states… Cruel, to the VERY END of TIME!!

    • Cheryl says:

      I live in Georgia, and yes, there are evil people everywhere. All my babies sleep in the bed with me, so I wouldn’t call myself a demon. I get posts from all kind of rescue sites…believe it or not, most of them are NOT in Georgia.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    God bless you, Isiah! My prayers are deeply with you!
    As for the subhuman abuser, someone should strangle him in the EXACT SAME WAY except leave him that way til he rots on earth and in hell!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Our laws need to be changed regarding those who abuse animals like this. No slap on the wrist a month or 2 in jail but years in prison. If these things were done to a human, what would the punishment be?


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