Starved and abandoned: Police seeking information on dog and owner

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Likely having been abandoned, the Troy New York Police Department is asking for the public’s help for information on the dog and his owner. On Monday, this gentle pup was found in the area of the Frear Park basketball courts.

The dog has no microchip or identification, however he was not muddy or dirty, indicating he had just been left there to fend for himself. He is currently under the care of a local veterinarian and is being treated for malnutrition; his prognosis is good.

It is illegal to abandon an animal by dumping it in a public place or leaving it somewhere without providing for its needs. Doing this, is both tragic and unacceptable. Anyone with information about this case is asked to notify Detective Sergeant Tim Colaneri at 518.270.4430.

(Photos of starved and abandoned dog via Facebook Troy Police Department)

Help this poor guy find justice.

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