Staffs' hearts broke over neglected senior dog's condition

Staffs’ hearts broke over senior dog’s sad condition when owners surrendered her

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When the owners of a badly neglected senior dog surrendered her to a busy California animal shelter, the staffs’ hearts broke. On June 24, after the 13-year-old dog’s arrival, staff explained:

Our 💔s broke when neglected sweet senior Krieger was turned in to the Care Center by her family.

She spent her life as a back yard dog and arrived so matted and full of fox tails that she had to be given a humane shave.💔

This neglected senior didn’t arrive alone

Krieger didn’t arrive to the shelter alone – she came in with her bonded friend, Faith. On June 28, Healthcare for Homeless Animals explained:

We posted Krieger’s heartbreaking intake condition previously…what we didn’t include is she came in with darling Faith who has makes it her job to look out for Krieger.


Officer Rodney reports when Krieger returned from the Vet post humane groom that Faith was beside herself to have her best friend back. And when Faith was pulled from their kennel cage to be added to the small dog play group Krieger whimpered until her faithful little terrier partner was back. Housed together Volunteers report Faith can be found either sleeping on top of Krieger or curled up close.

How you can help these surrendered dogs

Nine-year-old Faith and 13-year-old Krieger would love to find a home to spend their golden years in together. You can help make that possible by sharing this article, which contains their adoption information. Networking saves lives! Critical information below:

(Photo Cred: Volunteer Helen via Facebook)

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10 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Dogs who are so bonded like this, should be adopted together if at all possible. I’ve noticed that some of these dogs are a combination of a big dog and small dog. Can you imagine if both were adopted together in a loving home? They would give you boundless days of joy and give unending love. Either foster or adopt to save these two loving dogs.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    This Just breaks a person’s heart!!! When I first started reading and posting on this site : Frosted Faces was a Great Rescue Organization in California … Never READ at ALL about them now!!! Maybe they disbanded!!! It would be wonderful if a Rescue took these two, as they have a few years of happiness to catch up on!!! California RESFUSES to Adopt out of STATE so their CHANCES ARE NOT GOOD!!! I am HOPING for a Miracle for these 2!!!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    When neglected animals are dumped in shelters WHY doesn’t staff contact the police and get these maggots charged??? Why are these jerks allowed to walk out and never face criminal charges for their cruelty??? These people will just do the same thing to another innocent animal since they know they can get away with it. Makes me so damn angry to see animals become victims of some so called ‘humans’ who don’t bother, don’t care and treat animals like disposable objects – they need a dose of their own medicine.

  4. Diana Rowell says:

    To the owner’s of these sweet companions: May a misguided platypus lay its eggs in your jockey shorts. May a confused weightlifter clean and jerk your sister. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch with arms too short to scratch. May a diseased whore masturbate with your toothbrush.

  5. Luana Duncan says:

    I hope this pair will b adopted 2gether soon!! They are so beautiful an they love each other dearly!! U 2 will b in my prayers!! May God watch over both of U!!????????????


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