St. Landry Parish shelter: ‘Never met a puppy so busted up so broken’

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At the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue on Friday afternoon, an abandoned puppy was rescued. This time, it was different.

“I’ve never met a puppy so busted up …so bruised. So broken,” the organization posted on their Facebook under the tiny Rottweiler’s photo. “Buckwheat, a rottie mix puppy. His rear leg appears broken (it is wrapped in feces COVERED duct tape)… his jaw …appears crooked, possible BROKE too. His left eye busted. This is NO LIFE! Abandoned. Hurt, Imagine his fear.”

That same evening Buckwheat was rushed to the organization’s veterinary hospital for emergency care. During his initial evaluation, Dr. Katie stated his broken jaw had been an old wound which has been healing on its own. The puppy’s back leg, which had been wrapped in duct tape and had a rancid smell when unwrapped had been broken. And on such a young puppy, his left eye had hemorrhaged while his right eye was ulcerated.

More tests and radiographs are currently underway. An approved rescue organization willing to help Buckwheat is asked to contact the shelter. Donations to help Buckwheat now are needed. Send to PayPal
SLPAC OPELOUSAS LA 337-948-6184. (Donations to his vet team welcome 337-942-7126)

Please share Buckwheat’s plight and help this little guy at the St. Landry Parish Shelter

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9 replies
  1. Melissa Gurley says:

    Poor baby something has to be done in that state why are so many people abusing their animals does it make you feel tough to abuse a baby pup this is so sad but makes me so mad at the same time I hope whoever did this to this baby rots in hell

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    Oh my God! What the F**K is wrong with these sub-human’s in Louisiana. It seems that we have a handful of states that produce MORE sadistic abuse on animals than ALL OTHER states COMBINED. Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin are FULL of barbaric maggots masquerading as humans. PLEASE update your laws and penalties for these egregious assaults on companion animals. One would think that the sane and humane folks would take a stand not only against the abuse, but against the sick, twisted reputation it gives them. Apparently, they DO NOT CARE. It also creates a draw for more abusers because they are NOT stupid and can surmise that living in one of these states will AFFORD them more opportunity to abuse, maim and murder with NO consequence. So, at some point, the good people of these states will be heavily populated with violent psychopaths, and facts show they WILL eventually come after THEIR children. When they sadistically abuse, rape and murder your 3 year old, we will have NO empathy because you did NOTHING to stop it when you had the chance. My God, wake up people before it’s too late!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Why do people do this to animals instead of taking their dog to a vet. Ok, maybe you can’t afford treatment, but at least find out where you can give him to and get treatment.

  4. Pamela Bolton says:

    Another sub human at work. When he is found, he needs introduced to the firing squad. Not worth the air he breaths and, we the people, don’t want to support his sorry butt for the rest of his life.

  5. Jan Barnes says:

    God bless you, Buckwheat, and all the angels who rescued and are taking care of you. My prayers are that you will fully heal and receive the love you so richly deserve!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    O Please, this is no human who literally tortured this puppy – it is nothing more than a hunk of maggot shit – Buckwheat deserves and deserved much better than to the object of some psycho’s cruelty. And Louisiana needs to take a giant step forward and start treating abusers like litterers – are they in competition with Texas for the cruelest state in the union? Those in authority in Louisiana need to step up big time and start prosecuting and punishing animal abusers as severely as child abusers – I see no difference, it is the abuse of those who are innocent, defenseless, and have no voice. WAKE UP LOUISIANA – you are condoning animal abuse by your weak and ineffective laws – and all need to start updating and enforcing strict abuse laws.

  7. pennysdachshunds says:

    ST Landry would most certainly be a Place to be put on a National List of Vile Places Not to Go to Vacation at, if you live anywhere in the USA!!! The population at large appears to have EXTREME ISSUES of Compassion, Intellectual well being, for the value of LIFE in GENERAL!!!


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