‘Squeeze me tight and love me’ before I am put to sleep today

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Meet Gustavo. Volunteers who have met this “squeeze me tight and love me” dog refer to him as a “bomb proof pet.” Tragically, no one has come to  Manhattan’s Animal Care Centers in New York City to adopt him. Described as quiet in his kennel, Gustavo watches people walk by but never calls attention to himself. One week ago, he had been given to someone, but that person decided not to deal with Gustavo’s skin issues and surrendered him to the shelter.

Maybe the following will inspire an adopter to take a second look?

 “Gustavo might look very stoic and serious, but this handsome tall gent is a born sweetheart. He is one amicable and sociable dog, a warm soul, ready to make friends with everyone he meets, peers or humans, and face whatever situation with a positive attitude… He is welcoming and collected in his kennel, wags his tail and exits his den with poise. He is not a puller, does his business on the way, and is civil to all other dogs met, big or small, almost ignoring a large male who growled at us. At 76 pounds, Gustavo is a big guy who nevertheless needs to gain some weight and mend his coat. A loving and caring home will take easily care of that. He absolutely loves treats and will jump or sit for them. He ran briefly after a ball, caught it, but favored my treats over a ball game. Gustavo is getting ready for the big day…Valentine’s. Yes, he is a lover, too, who likes to squeeze tight against his caretaker and ask for kisses and hugs.”

Now if only Gustavo could have more time? Follow his Facebook page here.or here.

Gustavo – ID# 18785
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years old
Length: Short
Is Vaccinated: Yes
Coat Type: Smooth
Primary Color: Brown
Secondary Color: White
Weight: 76.25 lbs.
Intake Date: 01-20-2018
My health has been checked
My vaccinations are up to date
My worming is up to date
I have been microchipped
Please take note of the Animal ID before contacting shelter

Shelter notes as follows:

Behavior Condition: 1. Green

Upon intake, Gustavo approached me with a wagging tail and sniffed and licked my hand. Gustavo allowed me to scan for a microchip and collar him. Gustavo allowed me to pet him and feed him a treat off my hand. Gustavo did not want to walk into his kennel but allowed me and another counselor to pick him up with a leash and place him inside.

Date of Intake: 1/20/2018

Spay/Neuter Status: Unknown

Basic Information:: Gustavo is approximately a 4 year old male brown and white large mixed breed dog. Gustavo was given away to previous owner on 01/18/2018 and was surrendered because previous owner could not handle his medical concerns. Gustavo has some skin irritations and has not been taken to the vet recently.

Followup from shelter indicates Gustavo has contracted an upper respiratory condition which is contagious but treatable. On January 26:

“S: Alert in kennel O: SND, occasional sniffling and sneezing A: CIRDC highly likely P: 1. Move to isolation 2. Doxycycline 350 mg PO SID x14 days 3. Cerenia 60 mg SID x4 days 1088”

To foster or adopt:

STEP 1: CLICK ON THIS RESERVE LINK: https://newhope.shelterbuddy.com/Animal/List
Step 2: Go to the red menu button on the top right corner, click register and fill in your info.
Step 3: Go to your email and verify account
Step 4: Go back to the website, click the menu button and view available dogs
Step 5: Scroll to the animal you are interested and click reserve
Step 7: Fill in your credit card info and complete transaction Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC)nycacc.org

More information at Help Desk here.

Read more about the New Home program for at-risk dogs here.

Please share Gustavo’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Help Gustavo have lots of “tomorrows.” Don’t let his life end today.

(Photos and video of Gustavo squeeze me tight courtesy of volunteers and ACC)

Check out his video:

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17 replies
    • Diana Roby says:

      Jennifer, have you contacted anyone about adopting Gustavo? I hope that you are serious and have already contacted someone to get the adoption started. Just commenting that you want him at this page does not stop NYCACC from destroying him. Right now, Gustavo’s status is “To Be Determined” meaning he could be safe, still urgently needing adopting or rescuing or he has been destroyed. Here is the link to his page at “NYC Dogs Urgent Pets On Death Row”. They will be able to help you. Please keep us posted. I hope that you get him.


      • Jennifer Johnson says:

        I reserved him via email. But he is safe at foster home they advised me via email in the meantime. They said he could potentially be adopted by someone else in the meantime. I’m in GA so we will have to work something out. Fingers crossed. I just want him to be safe. I will keep you posted.

  1. Christine Brown says:

    please somebody come and adopt him he is so sweet and cute Please don’t let him be put to sleep
    Have shared this story on FACE BOOK

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    O please don’t call Manhattan ‘Care Center’ a shelter – being under NYCACC it is no shelter – it is nothing more than a death row for animals especially if they resemble a pit bull in any way – they are doomed to death the minute they walk in the door. NYCACC gets money from the bodies of their victims and they kill dogs/cats daily and are given little to no chance to be rescued.

  3. Diana Roby says:

    Gustavo still there. Tried to post info but I kept getting “You already said that” but nothing is show. Gustavo needs an update before it’s too late. Jennifer, Gustavo still needs you.


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