Someone left a 4-month-old puppy in this condition at a park

A 4-month-old puppy abandoned in a Dallas park and rescued on Monday morning by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC most likely has never experienced one day of kindness from her heartless owner.  Tragically,Penny has experienced the cruelty that too often accompanies being unwanted, starved and neglected. She had been taken to a nearby shelter where she curled up and prepared to die on a cold, filthy concrete floor.

“Just a puppy and this angel has already felt, experienced the hard core cruelty of this world and how we treat another living being – like garbage with no care of respect,” co-founder of the rescue organization, Stacey Silverstein posted on Facebook explaining how Penny was found.

The puppy is currently at a partner veterinarian hospital and is reported to be fighting for her life. Her skin is like that of a burn victim as it is red, infected and oozing pus. Penny is too weak to stand and just lies lifeless. At this point she is barely alive, and a staff of veterinarians are trying their best to help.

“She is barely alive; we hope we are not too late,” Stacey posted along with the heartbreaking photos of Penny.

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(Photos of 4-month-old puppy left to die courtesy of RDR NYC)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Penny, we pray for your recovery and if it can be done, RDR of NYC will do all they can. Whoever abandoned this puppy will rot in hell very soon and never have a moment of peace in their sub human lives. Hope Penny can feel the love that is being given to her and that will help to get her better. Please keep us up to date. Texas, you need to clean up the vermin that does this to animals.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    The EVIL, DEMONIC INDIVIDUAL/INDIVIDUALS that ALLOWED This atrocity to be JUST OVERLOOKED until this poor little Penny to be at the point of perishing …. NEEDS to be caught and DEALT WITH A HEAVY HAND!!! PRISON is TOO DAMN GOOD BE IT a TEEN TO AN ELDER>> the JUSTICE SYSTEM NEEDS to TOSS AWAY THE KEY!!!!

  3. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Lilla fina Penny ! Jag hoppas du kan läka och få ett kärleksfullt eget hem ???????????? Du borde få uppleva att alla människor är så grymma !!! Skäms du som behandlade Penny så grymt !! Karma karma når den en dag ????????????????

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    And as usual, if not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Penny would have been left to die in a crappy uncaring Texas hell hole masquerading as a shelter – Texas has a reputation as the cruelest state in the country and this is just more proof. The hunk of horse manure that dumped this little dog needs to be found and given exactly what they deserve – a date with an 18 wheeler – they deserve no less. I hope Penny recovers – she is the victim – of both the douchebag who abused and neglected her and the inhumanity of a ‘shelter’ who is a prime example Texas’s piss poor animal welfare.

  5. PAMELA D says:

    Maybe it’s a good thing because this poor baby is out of the hands of a fucked up coward punk. I hope the scumbag gets tortured and set on fire.

  6. Lynn Jenkin says:

    OMG Penny would have to be one of the worst cases of cruelty I have seen. I just do not understand how so many dogs are tortured. What the hell is wrong with all the culprits who do this? Got to have something missing in their brain because they are not normal. They are pure evil. Karma will catch up with them big time. I hope the person involved is caught and incarcerated for a very long time. Dearest Penny I pray you will manage to recover and that you will get a forever loving home.. God bless you Penny and all those trying to save you.


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