Someone killed Cinder, the bear who survived severe wildfire burns

Cinder the bear was killed
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Someone killed Cinder – the bear who recovered from severe burns suffered in a 2014 wildfire. The remains of the female black bear were recently discovered not far from where she was released in 2015, outside of Leavenworth, Washington.

The tragic news was released on Wednesday by Idaho Black Bear Rehab IBBR, which wrote:

It is with deep sadness that I’m going to tell you the latest news about Cinder. This is the exact news we received from WDFW:
“As you know, we recollared her in her den her two years after her initial release. Cinders collar stopped transmitting in October 2017 and we figured that she was in a den. So we hiked into that location in December and placed cameras in hopes to get pictures of her (and possibly cubs). Due to heavy snow loads in the spring and the cougar creek fire /smoke in the summer we were not able to go back and retrieve the cameras until September 2018. Unfortunately, instead of finding a den, we found Cinder’s skeletal remains. It appears that she was killed by a hunter in October 2017. 

Cinder’s story

In 2014, when Cinder was just a yearling, she suffered severe burns on her paws and stomach in a Washington wildfire. Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care treated Cinder for nearly a year before she was transferred to Idaho Black Bear Rehabilitation and prepped for release outside of Washington.

Her radio collar stopped transmitting in the fall of 2017 because it was cut off of her when she was killed by the hunter.

Animal lovers who followed her rescue and recovery have been expressing heartbreak over her untimely death.

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  1. Sad she was not given the chance to reproduce and raise a couple cubs::: and The Hunter that Killed her : Left her to Decompose : a Story of Success gone Bad…

  2. RIP Cinder. You were failed by humans BIG TIME……. you had a research collar and a disgusting POS with no respect for animals (or authority) killed you anyway…….

    I can only hope this POS hunter suffers and dies a horrible death (in pain, alone, afraid and, worst of all, unloved)…….

    I guarantee he will NOT go to Heaven like you did…… he will definitely burn in Hell forever for his cruelty…….


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