Skin and bones dog rescued from construction site captures hearts

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A Good Samaritan in Greensboro, North Carolina had been checking out town homes on Sunday when she spotted a skin and bones dog stumbling around near a construction site. Obviously abandoned and scrounging to survive, the woman reached out to Susie’s Hope for help.

“We received an emergency plea from a Good Samaritan this afternoon. This horribly emaciated and dehydrated dog was found stumbling at a construction site in High Point! We immediately responded. We have named her Logan. She is literally skin and bones with a severe skin infection and ingrown nails. She has suffered for a very long time! We are doing everything possible to save her life! PLEASE DONATE & SHARE to save precious Logan! Updates on her condition to follow! Please pray for her!,” the rescue posted on their Facebook page under the photos of the emaciated dog.

Logan was rushed to the After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic where she is being treated for anemia, a heart murmur, intestinal parasites and a severe skin infection. The seven-year-old dog, who appears to be very sweet, will have a long road to recovery, but her future looks hopeful.

Many thanks to all the angels out there helping those who cannot speak.

To help Logan with her medical expenses and care, please click here.

(Photos of skin and bones Logan via Susie’s Hope Facebook)

More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    GIANT THANK YOU to the Good Samaritan, Susie’s Hope and The After Hours Emergency Clinic for stepping up for this poor dog – Logan is in good hands and will hopefully fully recover from her ordeal – all she will need then is a safe loving home which she most definitely deserves. Again, thank you all for being there for her.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Prayers go out to Logan for a speedy recovery and huge thanks to the Good Samaritan, Susie’s hop and the After Hours Emergency Clinic for their dedication to the care of this dog. Please keep us up to date on her recovery.


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