Dog attacks leave horses and donkey dead

Shocking dog attacks leave miniature horses and donkey dead

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Two shocking dog attacks, which happened this month at a popular zoo in San Jose, California, resulted in the death of four miniature horses and a donkey. According to the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, the first attack happened at night, when the zoo was closed – three dogs, identified as Malinois mixes and a terrier, were involved.

On January 20, after the deadly attack, the zoo stated:

I am sad to report the loss of four miniature horses and a Sicilian donkey. While we feel an immense amount of grief and sorrow, the park remains open to the public as there is no public safety risk.

HHPZ has taken immediate measures to enhance security of the perimeter fence and surveillance, and the City of San Jose’s Animal Care & Services division is conducting a complete investigation. The unfortunate incident involved dogs which breached a secured perimeter after operating hours.

ABC 7 News reported that the first victim in the dog attack was a miniature stallion named Sweet William.  San Jose Parks and Recreation Director Angel Rios Jr. described the nature of the dogs involved in the attack, “These dogs appeared to be on a mission, What’s disturbing about this is it appeared they were looking for food.”

Less than a week later, the same dogs returned, dug under a steel fence at the zoo, and killed three miniature horses and a donkey. The first attack resulted in the animals being moved to a “safer compound” with a tall fence, but the determined dogs managed to dig underneath.

Dog attacks leave zoo animals dead

The dogs involved in the fatal attacks have been identified and captured – officials are working to identify their owners before proceeding with euthanizing the dogs. The terrier, who does not appear to be directly involved in the killing of the zoo animals, has not been caught yet.

On Tuesday, the HHPZ released information about the animals who were killed:

We are still grieving the loss of our miniature horses and Sicilian donkey. It is never easy to say goodbye to beloved animals, and it is especially difficult knowing these animals were adored and enjoyed by so many of our staff, members, and community.

Maybelline the donkey was born at Happy Hollow in 1987 and was named for her delightful long eyelashes. Luna was born at the Zoo in 1994, Spice Girl came to us in 2001, and Sweet William came to us in 2002. Cayenne was born here in 2007, and was sired by Sweet William. She lived up to her name with her spicy personality. They will all be deeply missed.

Find the HHPZ website here.

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10 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I am beyond horrified. I live in the area (we have 3 horses) and I would be devastated and furious if I lost my precious treasures in such a horrible and senseless manner….

    Euthanasia of these killer dogs is a great start….. Also, the POS owners who let them run loose need to replace these treasures for the zoo (can’t really “replace” them, but I can’t imagine life without horses either…..) If they object, I would suggest that the zoo get a great lawyer and sue them into oblivion……

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hope they find and arrest the scum who did this to these defenseless animals. How can sub humans be that cruel? They need to be locked up and never allowed out. Hope the police can track down the dogs and their owners and put the animals down as well as their owners. The same justice to both dog and owner.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is a horrible story. I hope they find the owners of these dogs and they are prosecuted for allowing their dogs to roam and do this sort of thing!

  4. Christine Brown says:

    i don’t normally agree in putting dogs down not unless its for medical reasons. But!!!!! in this case its a different story the dogs need to be put to sleep.
    The same thing ought to be down with the owner. I hope that they catch this SCUMBAG asap

  5. Kris Young says:

    Story states the dogs were looking for food makes this even more devastating. Whoever owns/owned these dogs is ultimately responsible for all of this. They were obviously neglected to need to go to sich extreme measures to find it. Just devastating all the way around 🙁


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