Shih Tzu beaten to death: Video shows boyfriend carrying lumpy plastic bag

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The 23-year-old boyfriend of a dog owner, who had been caring for the woman’s black and white Shih Tzu, has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty after the decomposing remains of the dog were found in a plastic bag in a parking lot – just blocks from their home.

According to the New York Daily News, Brando Henriquez had been left alone by his girlfriend in her Broad Channel residence on July 15 and asked to watch the family’s Shih Tzu, named Lavonia. When the girlfriend returned a half-hour later, however, Lavonia was gone; Henriquez told the woman the dog likely escaped.

For days, the family searched for their dog by plastering photos and posters of Lavonia all over the neighborhood. Family members discovered the dog’s decomposing remains in a white plastic bag just a few blocks from the family’s home. Surveillance video procured from several locations along the way, showed Henriquez carrying the white lumpy trash bag, and even one time crouching behind a garbage bin as someone walked by.

Last week, Henriquez allegedly told his mother the dog had defecated, and he had performed CPR on the dog in the bathtub. A necrospy concluded the dog had suffered four broken ribs as a result of blunt force trauma. In a statement, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown stated:

“The defendant is accused of aggravated cruelty in animals for brutally killing a small helpless dog and heartlessly offering false hope to his girlfriend and family by making them think that the dog had just run away. For the next four days she and family members searched the area and put up missing dog posters in the belief that they would find the dog alive, sadly, only to find t he dot’s remains where the defendant allegedly disposed of them.”

If found guilty, Henriquez could spend the next two years in prison.

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11 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    There you go-could only spend 2 years in jail for this killing. Killing of a family member and this family and “girlfriend” need to take him to court too for what he did. He should be locked up and probably has an arrest sheet already. I live an hour north of NYC and their mayor, DeBlasio is such a disgusting waste who ran on protecting animals and making NYC shelter’s no kill has done neither. Only out for himself and what he and his fellow comrades can do to take from NYC.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    There is a special place reserved in Hell for this POS! He killed his girlfriends little dog and then let her search in vain for several days while all the while he knew where the dog was. I hope he rots in jail!

  3. Luana Duncan says:

    What do u mean if he’s found guilty?? The punk is plain an simple guilty in the 1st degree!! Slam his ass in jail!! And it should be longer than 2 yrs! But I’ll take it! And poor, poor, puppy may u RIP!! I hope this woman broke up with this scumbag!!

  4. Red says:

    Hate for this twit does not even BEGIN to cover my feelings for IT….. he is not even human he is an object to hate. I hate a Shih Tzu for many years…. they are the BEST, sweetest animals to have. To think that this poor baby suffered at this twits hands makes me sick. Wish he would be locked up longer than 2 years….. BUT HE BETTER AT LEAST GET THE FULL TWO YEARS penalty!!!!

  5. Animal Advocate says:

    I wish he would receive the death penalty by beating him to death. Lethal injection is too humane. Two years then he will be out committing more crimes. Serial killers and rapists start their careers like this! Direct correlation between animal abuse and human violence! Ted Bunny, Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dshmner to name a few! Wish the big burly motorcycle animal Advocate guys in NYC and CT would take him for a ride!

  6. maxiemom says:

    Anyone who could do this to a small defenseless little dog does NOT deserve to get out of jail EVER. This waste of space should be taken out and treated just like he treated his helpless victim. The difference is that poor little Lavonia had no clue why this bastard was abusing and killing her: this evil piece of human excrement certainly will understand why, and he’ll also know he DESERVES it, which Lavonia didn’t.

  7. Bobby D says:

    I know the kid who did this, he’s a real piece of garbage. What this article doesn’t tell us is that he was arrested initially for possession and intent to sell of a narcotic (heroin), and I’m sure the loser was under the influence of it as well when this took place. So I’m sure he’s going to be getting more than 2 years because that charge is a class B felony and unfortunately the killing of the dog is only class E.


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