Shepherd abandoned in crate in the woods

Shepherd abandoned in crate left in the woods on a hot day

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A shepherd mix was abandoned in a crate on a hot day in Irvington, New Jersey. According to the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter, the female dog dubbed Genesis, was discovered with a thick cable wrapped tightly around her leg and a few empty food bowls.

Rescuing Genesis

An animal control officer from the City of Irvington arrived to rescue the abandoned dog – the shelter wrote:

The ACO from Irvington, Alex, arrived on the scene to find a frightened, apprehensive dog that didn’t quite know what to make of this stranger that was there to help her. Once she realized she was in good hands, Genesis relaxed and was happy to be brought to the safety of our AHS Newark facility.

Abandoned shepherd’s history

No one, aside from the person who abandoned her, will truly know Genesis’ history. However, the shelter was able to determine that the two-year-old dog has had puppies and there is speculation that her prior owner may have profited from the sale of those pups.

The shepherd’s future

Genesis is safe – now the search for a new family can begin. The shelter provided some insight to her personality:

She is shy when she first meets someone, but within minutes of knowing you, she nudges her head against your hand and wants you to pet her. If you should stop, she’ll nudge you again for more attention. She truly loves people and is such a sweet, mild-mannered girl. She jumps at the sound of other dogs but does not seem to dislike them at all, she just prefers a more quiet situation. She would do best in a more commotion-free home, where she can take her time to settle in and get used to her new, happy, safe life.

Help for Genesis

You can help Genesis, and other discarded pets like her, by making a donation to the Res-Q Fund. Click here or text ResQ to 501501 to make a $10 donation.

Genesis is available for adoption from the AHS/Popcorn Park facility.

Find the shelter on Facebook here.

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6 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Simply a Rotten and Evil way to leave a dog abandoned to die of heat stroke, thirst, wild animals… these are total Bastards that did this 7 hopefully they are caught, but more than likely they will Never Be found because that part of the USA really doesn’t apply much of a search for Criminal Minded people that do this and If by luck the “perp “is caught NOTHING WILL BE DONEABOUT it!!!

  2. Luana Duncan says:

    OMG! Thankfully she was found in time! I hope an pray Genesis will find a good an loving 4ever home!! I don’t know how someone could just leave there dog like that but they are truly evil!!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Whoever dumped this precious dog deserves a fatal date with an 18 wheeler ASAP – they deserve no less. Thank God she was found and is safe – there are some subhuman scum who have no right to breathe and this hunk of garbage owner is definitely one of them.


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