Shelter seeks home for three bonded St. Bernards

Trio of St. Bernards need a home together
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An animal shelter in Alberta, Canada, is seeking a home for three bonded St. Bernards. According to CTV News Edmonton, the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) has been inundated with applications for the dogs – in fact, the animal welfare agency has closed applications for the time being.

The plea for help

On Tuesday, EHS posted a plea to help find the bonded dogs a home together:

Wanted: Special Adopter!

We are facing a giant adoption challenge (literally) and need your help to find these three brothers their forever home! Gasket, Gunther and Goliath are two-year-old Saint Bernard’s and while friendly and playful, their behaviour assessment showed signs of the trio being bonded with each other, experiencing stress and anxiety when separated. As a result, we are requiring they all go to the same home.

The overwhelming response

Just one day later, the shelter announced that no more applications would be accepted because of the overwhelming response received:

WOW! Since putting out the call for help to find a forever home for our trio of bonded Saint Bernard dogs, we have received an incredible response from interested adopters! THANK YOU to everyone who has help share their story in an effort to connect these gentle giants with their new family! 💕


Over 200 emails have come in so far from people who generously want to open their hearts and homes to these three dogs – including within Alberta, across the country, and even in the United States and Australia. Due to the overwhelming response, we are closing applications for the time being to review the ones received and begin to schedule adoption interviews. With the number of applications received, we are confident we will be able to find a forever home nearby for Goliath, Gunther and Gasket that will keep them together.

Details about the dogs

Thanks to social media, some background information was obtained about the trio of dogs. EHS wrote:

We have also had a few people come forward who knew these three pups when they were younger and have been able to share some more details on them. They have confirmed the three dogs are littermates and have been together since birth. They are just over five years old, which came as surprise to us, as their teeth are in incredible condition for a giant breed dog! They also shared that these dogs do everything together, including eating out of the same bowl, which is something we have noticed during their stay in our shelter too.

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  1. Can you imagine 3 dogs that size in your home. WOW! They all eat out of the same bowl so that must be a sight to see!! When they jump up on you, they can knock you down. They are adorable looking and their coloring is quite different.

  2. They are beautifully unique. No wonder so many people were interested in adding them to their families. I hope those that want to add a dog to their family will seek out other dogs in need. There are so many wonderful pets avail and need out of the shelter system. Please consider one?

  3. I must have missed What happened that these beautiful brother’s needed a new family? I am pleased that there was SUCH a HUGE RESPONSE and the RESCUE is being very astute in FINDING the Proper HOME for these Boys!!!

  4. Oh wow, what a beautiful adoption package this would be. I hope and you’ve ray they will get the best furever home together otherwise they’ll all be unhappy. God bless the shelter adopting overseers that their judgement might be impeccable in selecting the right home for these precious dogs.


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