Shelter issues plea regarding euthanasia as hurricane rolls in – community answers

Shelter plea regarding euthanasia
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An animal shelter in North Carolina issued a plea for help as hurricane Florence churned towards it…help clear space so we don’t have to start euthanizing animals. Jewel Horton, manager of Pender County Animal Shelter explained to the Washington Post:

“We are avoiding euthanasia at all costs. That’s why we’re begging for assistance.”

Community response

The plea for help generated some backlash…was this a thinly veiled threat to put animals down? No. On Thursday, the Pender County Animal Shelter wrote:

We are being FLOODED with calls and FB messages about animals be euthanized. We saw the headline and want to clarify: We have not euthanized for space in nearly 2 years thanks to our supporters sharing & adopting when we are full and need help! That’s ALL this plea was. A request for help to PREVENT euthanasia!!!!


We are a VERY proactive facility and are trying to head off the expected crisis after the storm. While the story has definitely put us under attack, it has given us a HUGE network of help that will be a tremendous benefit after the storm and in the future!!!

The positive response

The shelter received the help that it desperately needed. A post expressing gratitude explains:

Wow! We are so grateful to all the people and rescues that stepped up and pulled animals! Locally, Dauntless Dog Rescue, Pender County Humane Society and Peak Lab Rescue!!! We also had 2 rescues from PA take close to 30 animals!!!! At least 50 animals have left the shelter this week despite everything happening!
Our followers and supporters are simply the BEST and have never let us down!

Intakes are high

Even though people stepped up to help, the shelter is full because intakes have been high – in fact, there are only 10 open dog runs and 20 cat kennels out of 100. Help for the shelter will be needed until the storm passes.

Find the shelter on Facebook here.

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  1. Hope all these shelters in the way of this storm can survive and keep their animals safe . People, do not euthanize or leave your pet at home alone or stranded. There are places that will take them until the storm is over. They are your 4 legged children. Protect them as you do your human children.

  2. This is very heartwarming. Its a positive, uplifting article. I wish other states would step up and take in your furbabies, even if temporarily. I pray that people WON’T leave their precious furry children behind. I also wonder why there isnt a plan in place to rescue horses & farm animals.

  3. Many many heartfelt prayers and blessings to this shelter, its staff, the animals and all that are helping! Truly–angels walk among us! God bless, guide and protect you all now and always!


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