Shelter dog with rare skull tumor gets a second chance

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When Bliss was just two years of age, she was surrendered to an animal control agency in Texas. Her fate at the shelter was uncertain, especially given the massive tumor on her skull. Fortunately, Bliss has been given a second chance thanks to Friends of Emma Medical Rescue.

Rescued dog’s fate

Bliss initially joined the rescue group as a hospice dog – but after she visited a veterinarian, things changed. Bliss has a rare skull tumor (multilobular osteochondrosarcoma), but she is otherwise healthy. Elizabeth Hart, who founded the rescue group, took it upon herself to find specialized help for Bliss.

High-Tech solution offers help

Hart’s search led to a skilled veterinary cancer surgeon in Ontario, Canada who, through a series of advanced imaging, offered potential solutions to help heal Bliss. Initially, Bliss was to undergo a delicate surgical procedure to remove the huge invasive tumor and then be fitted with a titanium skull cap (sourced from Brazil). However, it was found – with the extent of complexity and reach of Bliss’ tumor (requiring removal of the bulk of the skull as well as multiple affected facial bones) that a better option will be a 3D printed porous polyethylene implant created by an Australian manufacturer of human surgical devices.

What’s next for Bliss?

A lengthy (70+hours round trip!!) journey is in store for Bliss – since she cannot fly, she will be embarking on a road trip from Texas to Canada. The trek is scheduled to take place in early June. If all goes well, Bliss’ tumor will be removed and she will be fitted with a specially created skull cap which is being created just for her.

Learn more about Bliss and how you can help

A fundraiser has been created for Bliss’ specialized veterinary care. Click here to read more about this rescued dog and how you can help.

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5 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Good luck and safe journey. Pray that the surgery goes well and she is back home soon with a wonderful family. Please keep us informed as to her progress.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    MY JAW HANGS OPEN in AWE !!!! Friends of Emma’s Rescue has taken on quite a Project for this more than Lucky Girl… She has been blessed for a Special Reason unknown to anyone at this time!!! For this to happen in Texas is so out of context with the exception of RDRNY there hasn’t been much in the way of help for Any Animal in Texas ::: let alone ones with special needs!!! I wish her and her companion driver a safe and successful trip…..


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