Shelter says a sad good-bye to skeletal dog

Shelter bids sad good-bye to skeletal dog who wandered into a fire station

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A Florida animal shelter made the heartbreaking decision to do something humane for a skeletal dog who wandered into a fire station in Ybor City one week ago…let her go. The boxer, dubbed Misha, was brought to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay by firefighters from Tampa Fire Station 6.

The skeletal dog

Shelter staff took the skeletal dog under its wing with hopes to save her life – tragically, she continued to decline while in their care. Testing revealed that Misha was suffering from a variety of maladies, including heartworms, parasites and thyroid cancer. As Misha’s condition worsened, the humane society staff decided that it was time to free her from her failing body.

On Tuesday, the shelter wrote:

“The soul takes flight to the land that is invisible, and there arriving she is sure of bliss and dwells forever in paradise.” You fought hard, you fought well. We love you always, Misha 💔 #misha #WeAreHSTB#heartbroken

And Tweeted a poignant good-bye:

Sweet Misha is gone. All she’s suffered was just too much for her body. Thank goodness she found joy and love at the end. We were with her in her last moments. Our hearts are broken.

Video of Misha


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12 replies
  1. Me' says:

    RIP MISHA. Maybe the humane society should have turned her over to an organization that has the reputation of “saving” dogs lives when found in this shape even worse shape.

    • margaret rees says:

      Sometimes it is kinder to let them go. rehabilitation is a lot of stress for the dog. i tried with my golden retriever years ago and he had a wonderful life. after he had a stroke i carried him to toilet down steps held him while he tried then cleaned and carried him back into his new bed. it broke my heart every day every time. the look on his face finally said it all. after two weeks i carried him into the vet and quietly said goodbye. it is not the worst option at all every time.

  2. Linda says:

    How does this happen? She would have been a most wonderful pet and somehow, we humans let her down for her to have come to this sad end. She most likely had the only love she ever received, in her last five days of life. Thank you so much for all of you that tried so hard to pull her through. She had your love and incredible support until her end. Rest In Peace, sweet girl.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Dear Misha, Somehow you found your way into a firehouse station where those people did not cast you out but took you to a place where they had hoped you’d be treated and made healthy again. Unfortunately, you had too many ailments that prevented that from happening. The shelter wanted so much to save you but it wasn’t meant to be. You knew love and had your “people” around you to help you cross the bridge. We cry for your loss but you are now free of all those ailments and can run free with all the other healthy animals.


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