Neglected dog rescued from sad life on a chain

Severely neglected dog freed from life on a chain, amidst debris

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For too long, a dog dubbed Totopo lived on a short chain, amidst debris – his body screamed of the ongoing neglect he endured. In mid-November, Totopo’s situation was brought to light by Riviera Rescue AC:

“the owners keep him chained all the time, with out water, food and a roof to protect him self from the weather. The chain was so short he even could lay down to sleep.”

Second chances

A good Samaritan somehow convinced Totopo’s owners to relinquish ownership and he was taken to a veterinarian where the full impact of his neglect was diagnosed. The veterinarian discovered that Totopo is suffering from erlichia, heartworm, anemia, demodex mange, and malnourishment.

The conditions which destroyed Totopo’s health are a thing of the past – today he is recuperating with the help of Animal Haven in New York. On December 15, the animal welfare group wrote:

Totopo has arrived from Mexico! We shared Totopo’s story a few days ago, and you all have been so tremendously supportive! For those who may have missed it, Totopo was found severely neglected, tied on a chain so short he could not lie down. As expected, he is the absolute sweetest boy and has an incredible disposition! 😍 You can see by his appearance that he still has a lot of healing ahead, but we can’t wait to continue sharing his progress with you.

Many good people worked together to give this neglected dog a second chance – follow his journey to good health at this link to Animal Haven on Facebook.

Neglected dog saved from life on short chain

Image via Facebook/Sophie Gamand

(Images via Animal Haven/Facebook/Sophie Gamand)

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A neglected dog’s amazing transformation


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    • traci says:

      What in the fuk is wrong with society today that it took even one minute of one single day before that precious, pure soul was saved? And did that article say tht the “owner was finally conveniences to relinquish??.” I understand the inability of one person to just take the property of another without following the proper rules and regulations, bt I also believe, from one of God’s creations to another, there are exceptions to evrything, and this would definitely be one of those exceptions.


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