Bonded senior dogs need retirement home together

Senior dogs need retirement home together or they may be put down

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Update 10/20/18 – a home has been found!

Two senior dogs, nine years of age, are in need of a retirement home together – or they might be put to sleep. Aside from the typical aches and pains that accompany advancing age, these senior Labrador retrievers are in good health.

Why then, are they at risk of being put to sleep? Their owner, who has had them since they were just pups, has been moved to an assisted living facility – sadly, the owner’s family is not in a position to take the two dogs in. An advocate, who is trying to help find these seniors a new home, has informed the Pet Rescue Report that the former owner would rather have the dogs humanely euthanized than separate them at this stage of their life.

These bonded dogs are described as “very sweet,” and both are said to be house-broken. For their entire lives, they were beloved pets – what is happening now is completely out of their control. They need to find a loving new family to take them both in and care for them for the rest of their days.

You can help these seniors find a home together by taking a moment to network this article . The dogs (females named Sony and CoCo) are currently located in Benton, Arkansas.

Can you help in any way? Please contact: or via phone at 501-259-1345

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Saved at the last minute!

A second chance



6 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    I can understand why the owner would want them euthanized if they are not adopted together. It is like separating twins which a parent would never do. It can be a financial expense to care for older dogs but there should be ways for a new owner to get some assistance with that. Maybe then someone would take both seniors at the age of 12. They would be a wonderful pair to provide you will love and devotion to a new family. People need to think of what would happen to their pets if they could no longer take care of them for medical reasons. Not all family members are willing or can take your pet. Pray that these two beautiful labs get their second forever home.

    • Minnies Daddy says:

      i dont think it’s a money issue. the owner is older too and needs to be in an assisted living facility, and while some facilities allow residents to have dogs they are usually only allowed small dogs, under 20 lbs. there is no way dogs this size no matter how well behaved would be allowed. This type of thinking and policy should be changed. it would be better for the health of the patient who owns the dogs as well as other residents if places allowed dogs like this. happier residents = better quality of life and health and better for the dogs.

      i cant imagine the heartbreak both the owner and dogs feel in this situation. it sucks, and things like this will impact the mental and physical health of the dogs and owners.

      The owner is trying to keep them together and i imagine wishes all 3 of them could stay together. i dont get why nobody considers the health of the patient as well as quality of life in a facilities when they make policies that force people to get rid of their pets before letting them move in.

      i hope these 2 beautiful dogs get adopted. breaking the owners heart again when they are told the dogs were put to sleep is going to destroy them. those 2 dogs were probably the center of their owners world.

  2. LESLIE M says:

    So sad that this poor couple has lost all they know and all they have is each other. Many people want more than one dog.. so please someone take a chance on the couple give them a happy ever after. Good luck sweet angels.,

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    Euthanasia should not even be considered an option! Take the time needed to find a loving home for the loving bonded seniors!

  4. Dalma Bugg says:

    Surely someone out there would love t h ave these two sweet seniors, please everybody une, do your network sharing with all your contacts, let’s alll give it our best shot. They deserve to live and stay together for the rest of their lives. If the agency won’t try to do enough, it’s down to us to step up. We know that Pilots for Paws willl fly digs acrylic ss the country and most rescues have volunteers who will cirdinate really ad trips to get a dog to their new home. Maybe the dog gs should be moved to a more cooperative rescue who will fund a home and not kill them. Please God, keep these precious seniors safe and help them fund a home together.


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