Senior dog suffered sunburn and heat exhaustion

Senior dog suffered sunburn and heat exhaustion standing vigil over deceased owner

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A faithful senior dog suffered sunburn and heat exhaustion while standing vigil by his owner, who passed away in the garden outside of his Poynette, Wisconsin, home. Robbie, a Scottish terrier, refused to leave the body of 93-year-old Thomas Kemp, who died from heat exhaustion and heart disease in late May.

Robbie’s story

On June 14, the Facebook page Seniors Rock – Saving the Seniors, introduced page followers to the faithful dog and recounted what he had been through:

Welcome Robbie to our Seniors Rock family. Robbie came to us from Columbia County Humane Society. His owner passed away while gardening and poor Robbie stood guard for three days before his owner was found. He suffered heat exhaustion and sunburn.


He is an older guy, eyes are not the best anymore and he has bad back legs, but he is just the sweetest guy. Here are a couple of pictures of him the first day he came to us on a BRATS transport. Kudos to CCHS for going the extra mile for Robbie. Robbie is in a great foster home, he has been seen by our vet and we are hopeful he will be available for adoption sometime in the near future. We will keep you up to date on his recovery.

Robbie today

As reported by the Journal-Sentinel, Robbie has joined a foster home and he is doing well. His foster mom,  Susan Jacoby, told the news agency:

He’s very nice. He’s a very good dog. He has never barked. In the six weeks that I’ve had him, he has never uttered one sound. It’s very unusual.

Jacoby hopes that someone will find it in their heart to adopt Robbie, but if they don’t he can stay with her. She said,

“There are a lot of wonderful adopters out there who open their hearts and homes to dogs in much worse condition than Robbie. I believe there’s someone out there for him. To be honest, if there’s not, he’s welcome to stay with me as long as he’s alive.”

Interested in this faithful dog?

Are you intrigued by this senior dog’s faithful devotion? You can find out more by contacting CARE/Seniors Rock at (262) 875-4115.

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  1. Star Shelley says:

    God bless this faithful companion, what a wonderful and sweet pup. May he have a wonderful life full of love and care. I am sure his owner will be looking over him.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    A prime example of the loyalty and dedication dogs prove over and over – So glad Robbie was rescued by Seniors Rock – Saving the Seniors was able to get him and place him in a foster home – if all goes well, I truly hope Robbie gets a wonderful home – he deserves the very best – he is a great dog.


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