Scared dachshund rescued from frigid waters by Tampa police

A scared dachshund named Tobey was rescued from the frigid waters of the Tampa bay by three police officers on Thursday. The heartwarming rescue story embraces the passion and respect for all lives the heroes of the Tampa Police Department demonstrate daily.

For this particular rescue, Tobey, who had been out for a stroll with his dog walker along Bayshore Boulevard, took off and jumped into the water. According to WflaNews,  suddenly the little dog was terrified; the frigid waters sent him into a panic, but instead of swimming  towards the shore or out to the open water, Tobey doggy paddled over to a storm drain. And instead of being able to just pluck him out of the water, Tobey crawled deeper and deeper trying to get warm.

Afraid the dog would succumb to hypothermia, Tampa Police officers Chris Audet, Frank Kelley and Nick Wilson crawled in after the dog, but Tobey was so frightened he would move farther away – just out of their reach. When it was decided the dog might need to hear from his owner, Andrea Cassidy was lowered into the manhole. Moments after she called out to Tobey, he was in her arms.

All are well – three officers, the dog’s owner and Tobey.

Check out the video:

(Photo of the scared dachshund photo grab from video by Wfla)

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Tricky shepherd!

Watching the babies…

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