Salinas man arrested for stealing dog, Kato and setting him on fire

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On Thursday morning, a Salinas man was arrested and charged with allegedly stealing a dog and setting in on fire. The black and white pit bull, named Kato, had been stolen from his home in Soledad earlier in the week.

According to The Californian, Devonte Marquis Sirwet Perea, 22, has been charged with animal cruelty after a Soledad police officer found the severely burned dog just outside of the city limits. The pup, named Kato had burns over 90% of his body and was rushed to a veterinary hospital where he was humanely euthanized due to the extent of his suffering caused by the burns.

“The pain and terror this poor dog endured must have been unimaginable,” spokesperson for the SPCA in Monterey County stated. “No living being should ever suffer like that. We are thankful to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office for locating the suspect, and thankful to our community for the outpouring of support over t his horrific case of animal cruelty.”

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office located Sirwet Perea’s vehicle in a Salinas Walmart parking lot; he was arrested in Chinatown in the possession of 1.7 grams of heroin.

Investigators have not given a motive for the crime. Tragically, Kato had been a loved family pet and no one knows at this time why he was tortured.

Anyone with further information is asked to contact the SPCA for Monterey County at 831.373.2631 or

(Photos of Salinas man and Kato via Monterey County Sheriff’s Office)

Rest in peace Kato.

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  1. My sincere condolences to the family of Kato, I can’t imagine losing my dog like this. To the sorry POS that did this, may you rot in jail!

    • I totally agree! He is a true sick perverted monster and no longer has the right to continue breathing! I am so sorry that Kato had to suffer and die so horribly! The laws on animal cruelty need to be made much stronger and the punishments extremely severe!

  2. The ONLY punishment that fits this crime is to do the exact same thing to this POS. There should be no tolerance for this kind of cruelty and violence toward the weakest who walk among us by filth and bullies, or any kind, for that matter……

  3. I agree with all the comments about what to do to this subhuman scum. He deserves no less than what he gave this poor dog that he stole. These are you new citizens that so many people want and I highly doubt he is here legally. Let’s do what needs to be done to protect Americans, their families and pets from scum like this. Make he feel no comfort and be in constant pain until they do away with him.

  4. When they go to prison, hope Bubba finds out who and what they are. The courts keep hearing of like kind punishment to fit the crime. Perhaps even a bit of like kind would be to put them on a work crew that does heavy manual labor in the heat. the hottest with no relief. Make them pay for their own incarceration. Kato was an innocent loving family member murdered by foreigners who , as a rule, are not kind to animals. At least not their own. Kato sufferd the most excruciating pain. Find a way to let the perps feel as much of the same that Kato felt as possible.

  5. To the Facility this EVIL BASTARD is being HELD !!! Officers Please let the OTHER INMATES in the CELL BLOCK KNOW WHAT this DEMONIC PUKE did to that poor FAMILY PET!!! Incidental information ::: The cell block is in TERRIBLE NEED of CLEANING !!!! BROOMS would be very useful to GET THE PROPER JOB DONE!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  6. Set Devonte on fire and let him suffer the way this dog had to…eye for an eye or peer justice needs to start happening to drive the point home to these low-life predators, treat others animals and humans the way you expect to be treated or pay the painful consequences.

  7. OK I give up. With a name like that maggot puke bag has, what is it??? It’s obviously not human so I need to be told what the hell it is.

  8. That man deserves nothing but a bullet between the eyes, which would be much kinder than what he did to Kato. How horrific you evil human, why would you do this? This guys next victim will be a human if he hasn’t already killed…

  9. I fully agree with all those who want Devonte Perea to suffer the same fate as he so cruelly dealt to Kato – he has proven he does not deserve to live – just take his useless ass out into the California desert, hogtie him and set him on fire – let him feel the same pain he put an innocent dog through. No slap on the wrist for this punk, he should definitely suffer.

  10. I believe in an eye for an eye and there would probably be much less animals abuse if that was the law. I guess humans think they have to be “nice” when sentencing.

  11. WHAT AN ASS What a beautiful dog> No dog, noliving being deserves that so you should get the exact same punishment. Low life ass 🙁 🙁


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