reward offered - dog missing and possibly stolen

Reward: Owner serving overseas is desperate for missing dog to be found

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A dog, possibly stolen, is missing in El Paso, Texas. Mayah has been missing since December 10 – it is surmised that she may have been purposely taken from her yard in Fort Bliss. Now, a large ($10,000) reward has been offered for Mayah’s safe return.

The Pit Bull Defense Fund is helping get the word out about this missing dog:

For Information leading to the safe return of MAYAH!! Pit Bull Defense Fund will also contribute to this REWARD! No questions asked!!! My friend Brittany’s Pit Bull is missing, possibly stolen from her home in Fort Bliss, El Paso area of TEXAS. Her owner is serving our country overseas and is desperate to get her baby back.

The least we can do for her service, is share this information and do everything we can to get Maya home safely. Mayah is spayed, chipped and registered with the county.

Searching for Mayah

Fliers have been put up and searchers are scouring the area for Mayah – so far, the searches have been fruitless. You can call 903-590-9620 if you have information or message the Pit Bull Defense Fund or e-mail

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