Reunited: Fire department resuscitated man’s two dogs after fire

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An apartment fire in Manhattan, Kansas on Wednesday morning may have destroyed a man’s personal belongings, but thanks to the Manhattan Fire rescuers, the owner’s two dogs were able to be resuscitated and reunited on Wednesday.

Alex Bruan, owner of the two friendly pitbulls named Lila and Ducky, had been out of town when the fire started. Firemen were able to get the dogs safely out of the apartment giving them oxygen at the scene. The department posted a video on their Facebook page showing the dogs being revived using specialized masks and massages to help them regain consciousness.

“We have these, we call them Fido bags,” explained Battalion Chief Keith Hubbert. “They have stuff in there for animals.”

Lila and Ducky were revived and transferred to the Veterinary Health Center at Kansas State University and are being treated for smoke inhalation. Check out their videos and stop by the Facebook page of the Manhattan Fire Department and give them an “attaboy.”


It’s possible the dogs may have jumped on the stove and started the fire. Here they are reunited with Alex:


If you would like to help with, please check this out:

(Photos via FB Manhattan Fire Department)




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  1. Thanks for saving this man’s dogs. There are so many untold happy stories of animal rescues and hope more are written about.

  2. HUGE THANK YOU to the wonderful firemen of Manhattan, Kansas for saving Lila & Ducky – they are only alive because of your heroic efforts. I am sure Mr. Braun is grateful to all of you.


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