K9 surrendered to shelter

Retired K-9 partner dumped at shelter is adopted by his former trainer

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A retired Jackson police K-9 partner in Jackson, Mississippi was recently dumped at an animal shelter. The sad story immediately went viral, but not to worry everyone; Ringo has been adopted by his former trainer.

K9 Ringo had worked with the department until he retired in October; it had been assumed that the highly trained police dog had been enjoying retirement at his handler’s home, but they discovered that the dog had actually been surrendered by Officer Carl Ellis.

Officer Ellis’ decision to surrender the retired K9 to an animal shelter resulted in a reassignment. In a statement, posted by the Clarion Ledger,  the department addressed the disappointing situation:

“The Jackson Police Department respects and holds our canines with high regard just as we do any other officer within our department. They are family, and we do not feel they deserve anything less than a loving home in retirement.”

The handsome Labrador retriever had been trained at the Alpha Canine Training Center by Randy Hare. According to WloxNews, Hare was both angry and hurt when he found out where Ringo had been left.

“I don’t know that there is a word for being both hurt and mad, but I was both of them. And I still am. You know it’s just don’t turn your back on something like that. Next thing we knew, we got a call from an animal shelter in Madison that Ringo was actually being housed there and up for adoption,”Hare stated.

That’s when Hare went to the shelter and adopted Ringo who will live with his trainer and enjoy the rest of his life.

As for the Jackson Police Department and their future protocol to make sure another retired K-9 partner doesn’t end up this way or worst, quarterly welfare checks for both active and retired K-9s have been instituted. In addition, specific requirement as to the retired dogs will be addressed as to guarantee the best care possible as they age.

Live long and be happy Ringo.

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5 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I still can’t believe the SHEER HEARTLESSNESS of the officer who gave Ringo up! What a TOTAL DISGRACE to the police department! Many thanks and blessings to you, Randy, for doing the only thing that is right!

  2. Sue says:

    Good save, for the department’s reputation. The P.R. machine went into action, and responded to this story going viral.

    I hope the future of this dog is better than his past, and that “retirement” means he will no longer be treated like police K9’s are treated behind the scenes, which departments generally lie about and keep covered up, to preserve their shiny image.

  3. Pennysdachshunds says:

    I seriously wonder HOW the DEPARTMENT COULD /Would EVEN Keep this PUTRID ” So Called Officer of The LAW” on the Force Period!!! HE has Not GOT an OUNCE of COMPASSION in his NOT BEATING HEART!!! he has NO PLACE IN AN ORGANIZATION THAT HAS TO DEAL WITH LIFE/DEATH and DECISIONS that INVOULVE HAVING SINCERE FEELINGS !!!! Must belong to the Police Union Who saved is Rotten Ass!!!


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