Rescuers save strangling giraffe from metal wire around his neck

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A giraffe in Lubumbashi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, was saved from strangling to death with a metal wire wrapped tightly around his neck, by a team of rescuers.

According to the Daily Mail, the giraffe had been grazing on a private game reserve, but it is not known how the wire became entangled around the animal’s neck. Neil Parsons led the rescue effort with a group of men who didn’t speak English and who were nervous about how to safely bring the animal down long enough to remove the wire.

“Giraffes are one of the harder species to catch. They are easy to dart, but to get them down without dying is a challenge,” Parsons explained to Caters News.

First the team used a tranquilizer dart and wrapped rope around the animal’s legs to ease him into falling easier. Other members of the group then set at removing the wire.

“It had wire wrapped around its neck which was constricting, but hadn’t cut into the flesh yet. If left longer, it probably would have cut into the neck and eventually killed the giraffe, “Parsons added.

Giraffes are nearly extinct in the area, and it is feared only a few dozen are left in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Fortunately the wire was removed quickly, the giraffe was happily freed and rejoined the females at the farm.

Check out the video – a round of applause for everyone involved saving this beautiful animal.

(Photos screenshots via Caters News Service)

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