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Rescuers save horses neck deep in water after their owner hospitalized

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Rescuers saved horses who were trapped neck deep in flood waters in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. According to Sweet Paws Rescue, the horses were found in Burgaw, North Carolina – the organization recounted the dire situation:

These horses were in rising water and were already in a high spot which they were going to lose to the water shortly. We found a nearby house that still had a porch above water but we had to swim them.


The Paint was larger and had an easier time but the smaller filly struggled. She started to give up about 50 yds from the porch, her left eye actually started to close, and Brett (that you see in the video) was actually holding her head above water with his foot.

The horses’ owner

Contrary to social media speculation, the horses were not abandoned by their owner – the rescue group informed Facebook followers that the woman had intended to ride out the storm at home with her horses but she had to be air lifted from her home and hospitalized.

The rescue video

The video of the rescue shows how frightening the situation was.


Find Sweet Paws rescue on Facebook here.

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  1. Dalma Bugg says:

    Thank the Good Lord above for all the people who carried out and are still carrying out the rescue work, in the Carolinas and other disaster zones currently around the world. God bless th m every one.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    AWSOME JOB:: I am SURE the OWNER was So Worried and Not being able to help her pets!! WE have horses: a very large and equipped horse trailer: we don’t live close to water, but we have often worried about brush fires::;But even being prepared AT TIMES the UNFORSEEN CAN HAPPEN LIKE The EMERGENCY AIR LIFT TO THE HOSPITAL.. Thankful some was there for the horses!!


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