Rescuers devastated as shelter orders euthanasia of healthy dachshund

Rescuers are devastated, but have promised to do  everything they can to save a healthy dachshund from euthanasia after the dog’s owner surrendered him to Devore Shelter in California. According to the owner, the dog has a behavioral problem including having bitten several people. The owner therefore made the decision, paid extra and ordered the dog be killed.

His story begins here:

“Heartbreaking as owner refused to allow the Doxie to go to a rescue. Paid to have it euthanized. The owners are the only people who can reclaim the dog and give the doxie to a rescue. There is no evaluation done by the shelter to re access, and verify signed statements to be true and substantiated . It is because the owner made a claim the dog has bitten before, the impulsivity (sp) of this owner’s action sounds retaliatory. If this bouncing loving dog has behavior issues there would of been many rescues willing to get the dog evaluated and rehabilitated. I hope they are never allowed to adopt another living animal again! Outrageous injustice without a fair assessment from a trained personnel.”

Check out the dachshund’s video as he was being surrendered. How sweet does he seem?

Approved rescue organizations have volunteered to rescue the dog, however Devore Shelter has refused. No explanations have been provided when and why the dog had been aggressive. Rescuers stating they would use a behavioral trainer have also been denied ownership of the dog. No official bite records have been made available.

When contacting shelter personnel, please be respectful.

“Devore Shelter: Doxie A669324
As you can see the dog is healthy and sweet
Please all call Devore and tell them not to do it
‭(909) 386-9820‬
Press 0 for operator. Be nice
Tell u are calling about Doxie and want him released to Rescue.ask for supervisor. Ask the name of the supervisor
Please also email and ask them not to kill the dog.””

Following is the information about the other dog available for adoption:

“KANE – ID #A669325 (available 9/13) **OWNER SURRENDER (the owner dumped this dog along with a doxie. The owner authorized euth of the doxie claiming the dog “was a biter.” The doxie is not on the website, and the shelter plans to klll the doxie based on the owner’s completion of the surrender form. If you can try and save the doxie, call Devore NOW and ask to speak with the supervisor.”

I am a neutered male, tan Pomeranian mix. (ADOPTION FEE = $25)

The shelter staff think I am about 9 years old.

I have been at the shelter since Sep 12, 2018.

For more information about this animal, call:
San Bernardino County – Devore Shelter at (909) 386-9820
Ask for information about animal ID number A669325

(Photos and video of dachshund via Facebook Cindy Sorensen)

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