Rescuer of 14-year-old dog dumped at shelter pens letter to owner

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A 14-year-old dog surrendered to an animal shelter just days ago had no voice, so how could she tell her story? Mandy’s owner raised her since she had been a puppy – just eight weeks old, and that day when her owner attached the leash to her collar, Mandy was sure they were going for a ride in the car. After all, is there anything better than to go for a ride in the car with the person a dog loved the most – perhaps more than herself?

When they pulled up to the building where Mandy heard other dogs barking, she thought she might be getting a friend, but that wasn’t the case.

“What was this place? You walked me in, signed some papers and told those people all the things you knew about me through these 14 years. I saw you hand them a few dollars, and just like that you were gone. I never saw you again.”

During the next few days, Mandy spent her time in a cage listening to the other dogs barking; all of the loyal dogs waiting for their owners to return.

“Every time the door opened, I lifted my head to see if it was you, but it wasn’t – just another stranger. I had food and water but no peace.”

Just days later, Mandy’s cage door opened again. This time someone put a leash around her neck, and Mandy thinking her owner had come back for her, wagged her tail happily.  Although she didn’t know who the rescue person was, everyone was so kind, they even let her take another car ride. The barking dogs were finally gone.

“This really nice woman made me a comfy bed in a crate, another dog sleeping next to it to keep me company; it was nice! She gave me food and water and I closed my eyes and got some rest.”

And one day later, Mandy slept in the house with the nice woman and still no sign of her owner, but it was fine.

“I want you to know something.  This letter I’m writing to you right now is from heaven. It’s beautiful up here. I’ve been running and playing since last night when I got here. Just know I did not die in the shelter. I got my last car ride and a walk too. I got some meals and water and a nice comfy place to sleep. I didn’t die around loud noises and chaos. I died surrounded by love; something you couldn’t give me – someone else did for the last and only 24 hours I spent with her.”

Mandy was rescued from a shelter in New York City by Pit of Our Souls Rescue just in time. When Mandy was no longer good enough for her owner, the rescue stepped in. Mandy died in peace when strangers were kind enough to reach out to a senior dog who deserved so much better than having been left alone at a noisy shelter filled with strangers who had so many other dogs to care for at the same time.

“It was my time to go to a better place where I will be surrounded by love for eternity… so to my owners Thank You. You were not good enough for me, those last 24 hours I was right where I needed to be. Mandy.”

Check out Mandy’s freedom walk just days before she died peacefully in her sleep.

Video #1

Posted by Voula Parisis on Friday, August 3, 2018

Video #2

Posted by Voula Parisis on Friday, August 3, 2018

Rest in peace Mandy.

(Videos of 14-year-old dog by Voula Parisis)

Pit Of Our Souls Rescue exists to rescue abused, neglected and homeless animals from the streets and shelters of Long Island, New York and surrounding areas and place them in loving homes.

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24 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Crying and hard to put into words how I feel. Can’t understand the owner even if maybe knew Mandy was dying and couldn’t afford the care but to dump your senior dog off at a high kill shelter in NYC is the worst that any owner can do. Even a no kill shelter would have been a tad bit better, but this owner has no redeeming qualities to make them human. Glad Mandy felt the love she needed at the right moment in her life.RIP Mandy and run free and play with all your friends.

    • Deborah Dearmore says:

      Im still crying, how can anyone be so damn cruel to one that has been nothing but loving to them their whole life and at the end of hers, gave her nothing in return. I just don’t understand! RIP Mandy, just know that many people that you didn’t know would have loved you to the end. Thanks to you guys that showed her what true love and caring was…

      • Joe Dan says:

        Most of the videos on this site are of very low resolution yet they consume the entire screen. This is the only site where I experience this problem. The tedious video quality at “Pet Rescue Report” doesn’t help the cause of animal rescue. ????

      • pennysdachchunds says:

        I also don’t get any video on this site:: but get KDVR Denver perfect as well as others… Still love the site… though!!!

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    I don’t know when I will be able to stop crying. Have fun with all the other angels, Mandy. What a blessing it is to know that other angels walk among us, including the Good Samaritans, rescuers, caregivers, animal shelters and organizations, as well as sites such as Pet Rescue Report along with all of its contributors! Love and blessings to you all!

  3. gena says:

    To the person that couldn’t think of a better solution then the dog pound, I hope you conscience torments you every day because that is all you deserve

    • Jayne Isaacs says:

      Yes Mandy had a broken heart because of what they done to her but in the end those last 24 hrs. I truly dont think Mandys heart was broken, I truly think her heart was so full of happiness and Love for the Angel God sent to give her,her last hours knowing someone really loved her!!!

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    I too have a troubled heart and soul as for the lack of Compassion that Mandy’s owner had when HER BELOVED DOG NEEDED HER THE MOST!!! So Glad Mandy was Not ALONE in The KENNEL and She had someone by her side at the very end….

  5. Red says:

    I hope karma keeps this owner in mind…and when he/she becomes old, blind and slow…his/her family dumps their butt in an old, ratty, nursing home.

  6. Diana Roby says:

    Such a beautiful tribute to Mandy. I’m happy that Mandy was rescued and didn’t pass away in that noisy shelter. She deserved so much more from her deplorable family.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is heartbreaking, that someone can do this to the dog they had raised from a pup is unbelievable. Do they do the same to the human members of their family? I doubt it. Bless the rescuer that took precious Mandy home to live and die in peace.

  8. Christine Brown says:

    reading that story has started me crying and very angry towards the owner. This owner needs a good slapping and i would love to do that.
    I hope that her family kicks her out when she is old and frail
    Rip Mandy you were loved for 24 hours and was with people who was there for you and showed you love

  9. Darla Lamoreaux says:

    I also only get audio now when playing the videos, never happened before. I’ll take my phone to Verizon to see if it’s on my side but never had trouble before. I love the site and have been following for years.

  10. Star Shelley says:

    I have been crying since I view this video on beautiful Mandy, I just don’t understand how anybody just give up their dog of 14 years. Only good thing was that she did not die in that shelter, an angel gave her love, care and a home for her to live her last hours or days in a home. RIP my love, run free in Rainbow Bridge

  11. Bunny Peters says:

    I am trying to hold back my tears so I can write this note…….

    This poor, terrified, precious treasure……. OMG: my instinct is to snuggle her and reassure her the world is “OK”……. I am so relieved she was rescued and spent her last days with a loving family……..

    I just don’t understand how anyone could abandon a precious treasure like Mandy…… Seniors like Mandy are absolute precious treasures (& mostly want to snuggle and snooze)……. perfect “low pressure” companions……

    I would give everything to snuggle my beloved treasure MacKitty (who passed away @ 14.5, waaaaaaay too soon from liver cancer)……

    Mandy, RIP and please look for MacKitty in Heaven….. you will be welcome to join his group of snuggle buddies…….. so sorry that you were failed so horribly by your original “so-called” family……..

    There are special places in Hell reserved for Mandy’s former “so-called” family for their cruelty…….

    The POS’s who abandoned you will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty……. let’s hope that they get there ASAP after suffering a terrible death in pain, alone, afraid and (worst of all), unloved…….


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