Rescue woman’s photo of dog lying in freezing cold goes viral

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In Raleigh, North Carolina, the founder of a local animal rescue posted photos of dogs lying in the freezing cold chained up in the snow. Just hours later, social media attention helped to advance the urgent need for pet owners to care for their pets during the subzero winter blast, as well as to advocate for stricter penalties for those who ignore the dire need of their pets.

According to Amanda Miller, founder of Bail for Tails Rescue, the two dogs named Tiger and Torch had been chained up during the snowstorm on Wednesday evening. It wasn’t Amanda’s intention to create negative drama; she was worried about the dogs and the lack of response from local authorities became frustrating:

“Ok I have about had it with Harnett County AC !!! These poor dogs (2 pit bulls) have been chained up day in & day out !!! Now even in the snow & just laying on the freezing cold ground !!!,,” Amanda posted on her Facebook page. “People have been calling AC & the sheriffs department & they have yet to go out & even check on these poor dogs .. The sheriffs department stated there is no issue & they have more important things to deal with then just dogs that are cold !!! You have got to be kidding me .. Gotta love Harnett County & them not following there (sic) laws that are out in place.”

Amanda posted contact information asking advocates to call – these dogs needed help immediately:

“Harnett County Sheriffs office non- emergency line

Animal Control – 1-910-814-2952”

It wasn’t long before the two photos went viral, and it became the perfect time to remind pet owners in Harnett County that the law states there must be appropriate shelter and insulation for pets left outdoors during times of inclement weather. WncnNews reports Amanda was able to bring the owners supplies to keep their dogs warm.

“There’s a lack of knowledge about animals. Some people do think ‘OK, they have a fur coats, it’s OK to be outside’,” stated Amanda. “Not the case. Some dogs do freeze because they don’t have the proper coat. After everything happened we got together we got donations, proper dog houses, the cedar wood chips, – it holds in the heat, even with the straw it holds in the heat, use wheat straw -it holds the heat better.”

The dog owners were very grateful for the help and admitted they did not know the lives of their dogs had been in danger of freezing.

Amanda also believes there is a need for stricter animal protection laws in North Carolina, and it seems that many dog owners are thankful for the information and the help from the volunteers and the generous donations.

By Thursday, Animal Control and the Sheriffs Department had responded. Amanda updated the situation for Tiger and Torch and perhaps many other dogs no longer having to shiver in the freezing temperatures:

“Ok I just got off the phone & the deputy went out there with AC & the people were Home & answered the door .. They told the owners they needed to go get new dog houses for the dogs & in this weather they needed to be In side .. They also told the owners that would be back to check on them to make sure they follow what they were told .. If they don’t & they go back there & see the dogs still out there without new shelter they will be fined & the dogs will be taken ..

I am still going to go over there later & just drop hay off on their porch for these dogs .. If anyone who made a donation would like their money sent back to them please let me .. If you don’t want it back it will be used for the dogs we still have in our rescue that are still undergoing treatment .. Either way please let me know what you would like to do with your donations that were sent ..

Thank you all again for all the shares & calls that were made about these poor babies ..

God bless you all .. From our family to yours”

To help Bail for Tails Rescue keep more pets warm and healthy this winter, donations can be made to PayPal at For more information about this organization, please click here.

(Photos of dogs lying in freezing cold Amanda Miller)

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15 replies
  1. jeanette says:

    what the hell is wrong with people. don’t they think animals get cold or sick. do the same thing to the owners. chain them up and let them stay out in the cold for a few days. not even a dog house is good enough for those poor dogs. bring them inside or Don’t have any animals.

  2. Marni says:

    I would like to ask people to call or better yet, write cards to these agencies and thank them for standing up for those dogs. I believe they will see that the public will support them as they move to enforce the law and make things better for dogs. Everyone needs to be encouraged to do the right thing.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t understand the “lack of knowledge” aspect of people chaining their dogs out in cold weather. Anyone that wants to have a pet dog needs to be knowledgeable enough to know that their dogs are in danger in hot cars, and out in the cold chained up. Why the AC and police departments take this so lightly (especially animal control) I just don’t get. Every day I am reading about another dog’s life lost because someone didn’t CARE enough to bring the dog inside out of the cold! This is abuse! NOT “lack of knowledge”!

    • pennysdachshunds says:

      More concerned about vacation pay, sick leave, and retirement benefits , that doing a good job I do think… I took a good deal of SOCIAL MEDIA to GET BOTH AC and the POLICE off the padded chairs with a cup of hot chocolate and do the right thing GOR the multitude of ANIMAL’S in DANGER of FREEZING TO DEATH!!! WOW!!!

    • pamela bolton says:

      For some, it is more convenient for them to stay dumb. They don’t have to face up to their responsibility for their upkeep.

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    This is simply not Ethical , the AC has made a commitment to see that animals are safe from harm and torture !!! the Police!!! Excuse Me!!!

  5. susispot says:

    The dog owners were very grateful for the help and admitted they did not know the lives of their dogs had been in danger of freezing. So, what planet have they been living on?

  6. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Great to see everybody being proactive! Love it! I don’t understand how people could “not know”. There needs to be a program animals 101 that teaches people how to care for a dog before they would be allowed to have one.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    “Lack of knowledge” is a bunch of BS – ANYONE with an ounce of common sense knows no animal should be forced to suffer in inclement weather conditions. These brain dead assholes didn’t care – their fat asses were warm inside and they were just too lazy to take care of the dogs. I would not hesitate one second to take these dogs – its not stealing, its rescuing and I hope someone in Raleigh NC has the backbone to do so. As far as Hartnett County Animal Control – they have proven to be a bunch of inbred redneck 3rd grade dropouts who as bad as these piss poor examples of owners. To do nothing show their lack of any sort of concern for these dogs is beyond pitiful. They are as guilty as the crap ass dog owners.

  8. Red says:

    I swear between the monsters that abuse, and the IDIOTS WHO DO NOT REALIZE FREEZING weather is NOT for animals to be chained in…. I can not believe what the poor animals of the world go through…… I finally believe that the ONE TRUE THING TO FEAR are humans.


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