Update about dumped dog

Rescue releases latest information about ailing puppy dumped on road

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On Sunday morning, the rescue agency caring for an ailing puppy, dumped on a road, released an update to concerned individuals who have been following the tragic story. According to Chip N Snip, the black and white pup, dubbed Republic, is still weak, and tests have not revealed what is causing her poor condition.

What is known so far about this ailing puppy

The organization offered an explanation about what is known so far:

She has an serious infection that seems to involve her GI system. She isn’t eating on her own and remains on tube feeding. Republic also has IV medications continuing. She is still weak and frail but she is not paralyzed. Her condition (serious infection, septic) is causing her weakness along with nausea and diarrhea.

Extensive veterinary tests have been performed on Republic, but a definitive answer has not yet been found. In the interim, she is receiving round-the-clock care to keep her comfortable.

This ailing puppy’s backstory

Last week, a woman was caught on video dumping Republic on a road in Texas. After being confronted by two people who were taking a video, the woman picked up the puppy and placed her in the back of a pick-up truck…all the while, the puppy who had been abandoned remains motionless in the bed of the truck. Though the woman in the video claimed that she would take the puppy to an animal control agency, the pup was later discovered abandoned once again. Read more here.

Chip N Snip is collecting funds for this puppy’s ongoing care via PayPal.

According to Chip N Snip, all information about Republic, and what happened to her before she was picked up and taken to safety, has been turned over to law enforcement.

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5 replies
  1. Melissa Gurley says:

    Praying for this sweet dog hopefully the police will do something about this but we all know that’s slim to none

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Get this filthy bitch arrested – I hope someone finds this nasty piece of work and hogties her and dumps her diseased ass in the deepest woods – let her lay there an die and no one cares. Her actions were so deplorable, cruel and disgusting – she deserves all the backlash she can get – people like her are just a waste of space in this world – I know if I had been there – there would have been a full fisticuffs and the dog would have left with me to the nearest veterinarian’s office. She needs to be held responsible – I hope Republic makes a full recovery and finds the safe loving home she obviously never had – AND this inbred hunk of sewer slime pretending to be a human gets a severe dose of street justice and left lying in the gutter where she belongs.

  3. Gail Calhoun says:

    The owners of Republic were trying to kill her–she has been poisoned and when she didn’t die, they decided to dump her. They are pigs. JAIL! Time behind bars is where they belong. Wish a cash award is paid when anyone dumps in the future as more arrests will stop people from dumping dogs.


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