Statement after kennel fire

Rescue group that lost dogs in devastating kennel fire issues statement

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The York, South Carolina, dog rescue which lost its kennels in a devastating fire has issued a statement about the tragic incident. On Friday, Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue updated Facebook followers about the survivors and the current situation.

Update 9/21:
43 dogs are safe and are expected to recover with no long-term health issues but are being monitored for some significant smoke inhalation between our 2 vets, clover vet and Ebenezer vet…all of the dogs will remain in their care through the weekend. We cannot thank them enough for their support and for coming to the dogs aid here last night.


I thank everyone for their support in these hurtful times. This has been a not stop roller coaster effort for our family. All the dogs are safely boarded at the wonderful vet clinics. Some dogs have been distributed to other trusted rescues. There are no dogs on the premises right now other than the 2 that are boarding.

The lives lost

As reported by WSOC News, five dogs were confirmed dead and eight are missing. The cause of the blaze remains unknown – officials have stated that the wood structure burned “very quickly.”

Request for help

Donations are being accepted at the rescue agency’s website.

And supplies at this link to an Amazon wish list.


The rescue group has stated that the dogs lost in the fire will be remembered at a memorial:

This is a horrible time for us and I can not name publicly the dogs that were lost as people are asking. We knew these dogs personally and loved them as our own. We will get their ashes back next week and will have a private memorial service here with our family,

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9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Are they searching for the 8 missing dogs? Pray they are found alive and placed with the others that survived. What a horrible thing to happen to a boarding facility. Does not sound like they were negligent but I would imagine they will do an investigation into the cause of the blaze. Glad that they are pulling together for the surviving animals.

  2. Nadya Rossi says:

    Why don’t rescues install sprinklers or evacuate the animals before the fire reaches their kennels??? Those poor animals were trapped and terrified. I see that the humans saved themselves.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    Where we live is a 4 Season Area and a damn cold one at that in the winter.. We have corrugated Metal roof!!! WE have corrugated metal siding.. there are three doors in place ( two on each side, one very large one in front. doors have push up windows and screens all of them. and there are 6 double pane sliding windows up 5 foot off the floor which is concrete that all have access to the kennels… What a horrific death these little ones suffered, There should have been enough access to get these dogs OUT! OUT! OUT! ASAP WE have 6 Large ceiling fans for vententlation in the Spring , Summer and Fall … I hope to 5 accounted for dead … didn’t have to suffer long and I suspect the 8 unaccounted for may be ashes … This is beyond horrific and the owner’s and caretaker’s will be devastated for a long time… IF YOU REBUILD DON”T BE Cheap!!!!! & think about SAFETY ISSUES and Escape ROUTES … WE even Put PetSmart Metal doors that can be opened to kennels outside where each and every little Dachshound can get outside when the doors are opened UP from outside… THIS SHOULD Not have happened with such a cost of life… was there even fire extenguishers placed inside?

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    Kennel’s for Rescues and Boarders. Should have exits in front, back & sides!!! Pet doors that can be opened into dog runs from outside to give access to freedom!!! Windows that slide across the front at 5 foot high that can allow for people to get the animals out… the doors should bed metal with sliding window’s too. Also NOT”FIKIN” wood structure. Corragated Metal siding and especially Roofing… How the 5 for certain and most likely the 8 missing died SUCH a HORRIBLE DEATH Was NOT NECESSARY if Preventive Measures USED!! Sickening SICKING!!! to say the least

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m glad they were able to save as many as they did and will keep the missing 8 in my prayers that they will be found and. This is such a tragedy. From what I have read and seen, this is an upstanding rescue and needs all of our support to get back on their feet and continue the excellent work they have been doing,

  6. Dalma Bugg says:

    Thank the Good Lord that so many WERE able to escape with their lives, and hopefully the eight missing have as well, and that they’ll be found safe and well. I’m so sorry five precious doggies lst their lives, but we need to remember that whatever the cause, humans did all they could to save these precious lives but had time and fire against them. My Thoughts and Prayers are for the workers at this establishment who will grieve for the dogs who perished, feel false guilt that they weren’t able to save all, and have to now face unemployment until such time as the business is re-established or they find other work. Also for all the dogs as they recover physically and emotionally from this horrible event.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    With some of the comments on this post, my faith in humanity again has taken a hit. Here we have criticism about the rescue’s buildings, the attempt they made trying to save these little lives that they had rescued from kill shelters, owners who didn’t want the dogs anymore and ones that were sick and unwanted. I suppose these people should have just let them stay in the kill shelters, turned the unwanted away and they wouldn’t have died in the fire. REALLY? Do you know where the money was going to come from for the state of the are facilities you all think was feasible? Where would some of these dogs be had then not taken them in? Nothing is ever good enough for some people. These people seemingly have been doing a good job until tragedy hit and then it has to be THEIR fault so lets all crucify them! I commend them for doing as well as they did saving as many as they could in the face of a disastrous fire. Some of you obviously feel you are so superior that you can criticize something that you weren’t even there to witness, Do any of us really know what we would or could do or how many we could save in the face of a fire like this?


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