Rescue group desperate to find dog who ‘vanished’ while with adopter

Rescue group hopes to find missing dog
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An adopted dog named Sophie is missing and the rescue group which adopted her out is desperate to find out where she is. Imagine Pet Rescue adopted the pit bull to someone in Alamo, Georgia, but repeated requests for updates about the dog were ignored.

The adopters, identified as Dustin Oliver (aka Oliver Dustin) and Tiffany Cone Oliver, initially told the rescue group that Sophie was “doing great,” but when pressed, they admitted that Sophie was gone. Imagine Pet Rescue wrote, “Today after trying to reach out to adopters MULTIPLE times for updates we learned the sad truth that Sophie is apparently MISSING!!! Unfortunately the adopters will not give us any info on WHEN, HOW or WHY it happened.”


“We are unsure WHY they chose not to tell us and continue to remain silent at this time we can only pray nothing terrible has happened to Sophie.  We finally got a friend of the adopter to tell us that “Sophie ran away”. We don’t even know if this is true. 😢”

Despite the claim that Sophie ran away, there were no Facebook posts reflecting an effort to find her, and the rescue group was not informed that she was missing. The rescue agency said, “We think a Sophie has been missing a couple of months maybe more , we ask for everyone to share for a miracle since her adopters never posted her as missing or let the rescue know she was “missing.”

Sophie is 4 years old and weighs 50 lbs – she is spayed and has a microchip. A $750 reward is offered for Sophie’s safe return. Anyone with information is asked to call 904-571-0455.

(Imagine Pet Rescue)

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  1. Father God I pray for Sophie to be found immediately. I pray for holy angels to surround her and that a good citizen would pick her up and get her back to the rescue in Jesus’ name

  2. ALAMO GA. Please look for Sophie. She is lost or stolen. Many are concerned for her. She is loved. Hefty reward. Chipped. Sweet baby girl–where did you go?

  3. Just What has been said & Not been is apparent these “adopter’s HAVE BEEN LESS THAN HONEST OR UPFRONT with the rescue… I think this poor little Sophie met her demise while in the possession of these individual’s … Sad to say they NOW fear they will be in trouble with the LAW AS THEY SHOULD BE!!! No matter how well screened people are ::: there is always some that Manage to Slip under the radar!!!! She is probably buried or cremated so as to not have Evidence of Abuse or Foul Play!!!

  4. It seems you didn’t “vet” them enough! Couldn’t get updates???? Should have driven to the address they gave!!I’m.sure she’s​ been sold!!! Microchipped I hope…I don’t have a good feeling…He is aka as Dustin Oliver & Oliver Dustin…Was this known at time of adoption???Sloppy all around!!!!

  5. I pray this dog wasn’t used for dog fighting or sold to someone who had deadly intentions for her. The rescue group should contact the police and figure out a way they can make the adopters come clean with what happened to this dog. Please keep us informed. Dog fighting is the criminals was of getting money on the backs of animals being put in a ring to fight for their life or worse yet, used as bait for other dogs. Police need to get involved with this rescue.

  6. I live in Marshallville GA. I looked up the distance to Alamo & it’s only about 80 miles from Macon GA. I want to help in any way I can. I will put up fliers or anything. The rescue group can call me at 478-456-8764. I really hope this precious pup is okay somewhere & that she did not end up on the interstate. And most importantly I hope that that the adopters did not harm her. How could they not call the Rescue out of grave concern for her well-being or go to the ends of the earth to find her? Praying hard for this precious pup. Everyone involved in helping on this in GA please contact me so we can pull every resource we have together!

  7. I fear she was flipped or adopted with the intentions of dog fighting – please be safe Sophie while those who care about you look for you!!

  8. No way do I believe one word these two so called ‘adopters’ say – since they did not answer any requests for updates on Sophie, it seems pretty obvious there is something very suspicious going on. Dustin and Tiffany Oliver are not being truthful at the expense of this puppy. I doubt she ran away – I suspect she was either given away or used for some criminal activity – any caring human who adopted a dog and found it missing would be looking for her, posting signs and contacting all shelters and rescues and apparently they did nothing. Imagine Pet Rescue should be more diligent when adopting out animals – this little puppy is more than likely a victim of abuse.

  9. Those Assholes probably gave her to someone to use as bait. I hope not. Those people need to be charged to the fullest extent since they told no one that she was missing. Something fishy here.

  10. This guy has aliases??? The rescue could never reach the new adopters???Huge RED FLAG!Rescue did not do a good job vetting these people..Hope Sophie is ok,but realistically I hold no hope of finding her…????????????????????

  11. I hope this dog was not used for dogfighting. Praying for Sophie’s safe return. I would hold the person who adopted Sophie responsible if she’s hurt in any way.

  12. Please Lord find this precious baby….. do not let her fall into the monstrous hands of dog fighters…. Please!!
    Hopefully Dustin and Tiffany Olivers names will be on a national registry. Something is up, or they would not be ducking the calls to check on Sophies where abouts.

  13. Maybe she got away and they were too ashamed to say anything. I really hope she wasn’t sold off as bait.
    Honestly, as a dog owner who has adopted, I don’t know what to think. My dog can be naughty and we’re vigilant with his safety but he tries to run off and had me chasing him on the street one Brooklyn morning 2 years ago when he pried a door open. Thank God I wrangled him and got him home because he’s a wise guy. Even the best dog owners have accidents just as parents do with kids but it’s heartbreaking when one disappears. Even worse when it’s a rescue dog that people put so much heart and soul into saving. If dog rescues can’t even trust adopters anymore, I honestly don’t know what to say because there are too many evil people out there. Just very upsetting.

    • I had the same thought. I hope like you it’s an accident. But hope he turns up alive. But I also like others think it’s fishy. I’d be on the news if it were my dog baby. And driving nonstop. Nothing would have me silent including being embarrassed. It being a rescue definitely makes it hard for those of us working those efforts to save as many as possible. Unfortunately, the world is full of evil selfish greedy hateful people. That’s why the ones of us who love animals have to help each other help the animals.

  14. My Angel is NOT! She sees her stance & is off like a shot! Me? I hunt her down, no matter how long it takes! Neighbors are me & they stay in the look out & try to catch her too! I would have contacted EVERYONE to assist! Dodge the Rescue? Only if guilty! Things happen, they take off, but you search, ask for help, call the area rescues to alert them! These people kept quiet for MONTHS? I fear for Sophie. If she’s found dead, a bait dog, sold for profit then they NEED TO GO TO JAIL?


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