Remembering Kimber

Remembering Kimber
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Today is a hard day for those who loved a wonderful dog named Kimber. At some point during the night, the senior dog, beleaguered with age-related health issues, drew her last breath and peacefully slipped away.

Remembering Kimber is a joyful endeavor because hers was not a life of sadness or hardship. She was a dog who was loved deeply from the moment that she joined her human mom’s life – and  though her mom knew that Kimber’s time was limited, there was no need for the creation of a bucket list.

You see…every day of Kimber’s life was an adventure. Kimber was the center of her mom’s world – on sunny days, and even not so sunny days, Kimber and the other members of her “pack” would be off on an “out and about” adventure with their adoring mom. Some days it was a trek to a stream or river…other days it was a visit to a lake or the shores of the Puget Sound.

When Kimber’s body became tired – the fun didn’t stop. Instead, her mom bought her a cart and they continued finding people to see, and places to go. Kimber had a loving demeanor, and her manners were impeccable (thanks to her dog-trainer mom). Because she was a joy to be around – everyone loved her, and of no surprise, those who loved her are grieving today.

Every dog should be as fortunate as Kimber was to be loved so perfectly. Kimber lived an exceptional life and she passed away in a manner that most people dream of…peacefully in her sleep, after a full and long life.

Rest easy beautiful Kimber.

(images via Tracy)

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  1. All dogs should have a full life like Kimber had. Doesn’t matter what age you get them at, from puppy to adult, to senior. Giving a dog a home at any age is rewarding to you and especially your dog.We adopted our 6th dog (in 49 years, always vowing we wouldn’t get another when the last one died). Well, this little girl was 6 when we got her from the Manhattan ACC and she is the most different dog we’ve ever had. The previous 5 were all medium sized dogs, but as we’ve aged we thought a smaller one would be easier to handle (sometimes as she has a mind of her own). She is so loving,devoted to both my husband and me and welcomes all to her home. Giving a dog at any age a home is the best thing you can do in your life until the day you have to say goodbye. You cry,vow not to do it again, but after a while you look around and see one that wins you over and the cycle starts again. Wonderful story.

  2. What a Beautiful tribute to such a precious doggy. We are your moms friends in North Carolina and have always heard all about your beautiful doggies We have our own little pack that we adore and the world revolves around them and we wouldn’t have it any other way No doubt Kimber is now all brand new and having a great time at the rainbow bridge. You’ll see your girl again one day ????????♥️ Thank you for loving dogs so much and giving them such a great life

  3. My sincere condolences to Kimber’s Mom. The loss of a beloved dog is never easy. Rest in peace Kimber, run and play with all of our beloved pets at the Rainbow Bridge until your Mom comes to be with you, I know how much you will be missed.

  4. this is a beautiful story.
    RIP Kimber you will be sadly missed but never forgotten
    My thoughts and prayers for Kimber’s mum and family.
    Have shared this story on FACE BOOK

  5. God loves Kimber and so did her mom. We need more HUMANS like her. Prayers for your loss but know you are good people and Kimber was lucky to have you in her life.

  6. RIP beautiful girl, run free at Rainbow Bridge. I still miss my Ty who passed on 10-10-17. I loved him so very much and the hole he left in my life and my heart are just tremendous. Prayers to your mom….she will mourn everyday at your loss.

  7. RIP Kimber – You were loved deeply and your Mom showed this in every way possible. You and Mom will meet again – you are just waiting for her.


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