Reality star Stephen Webb infuriated viewers for tying dogs’ ears together

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British Googlebox reality star Stephen Webb infuriated viewers on Friday night after tying his dogs’ ears together using hair bands on them. His three poodles reacted in different ways to the hairdresser’s stunt, although none of the dogs seemed overly pleased.

According to the Daily Mail, Webb had been joking with his mother at the beginning of the show putting hair clips intending to pin the dogs’ ears to the top of their heads after calling the dogs celebrity lookalikes; comparing one of the pooches to pop singer “Kylie Minogue.” Moments later, viewers were so outraged, they took to Twitter to vent their anger calling the act animal cruelty.


The first poodle sat patiently while he tied her ears up while the second pup seemed annoyed. The third poodle wanted nothing to do with the foolishness and tried to escape from Webb’s arms as he tried to pin her ears into a top knot also. The other dogs could be seen rubbing their heads against the couch and reaching with their paws trying to free their ears; all the while Webb’s mother laughed.

And then the comments rolled in, and there were a lot of them including some demanding Webb’s show be cancelled.

“I wasn’t happy with Stephen when he tied his dogs ears up really not a good move.”

“What sort of bloke thinks it’s ok to put elastic bands around dogs ears?”


“What is he doing to those poor dogs ears? Beyond me why @Channel 4 would allow this to be shown. Disgusting!”

“Those dogs are living beings, not toys to play with.”

Some of Webb’s viewers defended him and asked others to calm down, but tying elastic bands around dogs’ ears is still quite offensive and abusive.  Many have demanded an apology. We will see what happens. Do you think his actions were abusive towards the dogs?

(Photos via Channel 4 screenshots)

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  1. Disgusting. Maybe we should pin his ears together and see how funny he thinks it is then. And mom, you need to get a grip. On what planet would this be funny???

  2. This asshole is classified as a star.? Oh please … this POS isn’t sweet fuck all. He thinks he’s something special does he? I’d love to rip his fucking ears off his head. That would be reality

  3. Don’t know who this idiot named Stephen Webb is but he sure proved I will never watch his damn show – what he did to those poor dogs was beyond stupid – it was cruel. He proved his lack of humanity and concern for these dogs while his damn ego seemed to be his top priority. He should apologize to his viewers (those that care to watch this jerk) and be held accountable for his abuse of innocent and defenseless animals – NOT FUNNY!

  4. While it may not have caused any lasting physical damage or extreme pain, it’s idiotic and ridiculous that he and his mother have to cause distress and confusion of their pet companions to be entertained. I’ve got a simple message for these two retarded fools: YOU ARE GIVING TERRIBLE IDEAS TO OTHERS IN THIS WORLD THAT MAY USE THIS TO TORTURE THEIR DOG CAUSING IRREPARABLE HARM! Get a life before someone finds you near a deserted area and ties YOUR dick to YOUR testicles and hung you upside down by your dick, while laughing. To the mother: bet you wouldn’t laugh if someone tied YOUR breasts to your arms and hung you upside down by your ankles.

  5. Let me see. In my newsfeed the last couple of days, there was a story about a corgi puppy who beaten nearly to death by some A-hole. Then there was the one where some degenerates put a lit fire cracker in a dog’s mouth. Just recently was a video of some bitch beating the hell out of her little dog. I just read where a dog whose nose was cut off with a machete by some f’d up scum, was just adopted. I’m not going to get all in an uproar over this. Even though the guy might be a dufus, the dogs appear to be cared for. There are more important issues to get upset over.


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