Real estate agent rescued abandoned dog

Real estate agent rescued dog abandoned in house for weeks

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An emaciated dog, abandoned inside of an otherwise vacant house, was rescued late last week by a real estate agent in Rockford, Illinois. According to WTOL News, Tim Johnson was alerted to the dog’s presence inside of the home by a concerned neighbor.

Johnson rushed to the rental property as soon as he learned that a dog might be trapped, and described the terrible condition found inside:

“I found her in this condition with no food, no water, and she had obviously been there for multiple weeks. There was feces and urine everywhere. She had tried to dig her way through the floors to try to get out.”

The owners of the property plan to file a report with the local animal control agency and the dog, dubbed Lady, will be nursed back to health before being adopted to a new family. Fortunately, several people have already expressed an interest in giving her a new home.

(Screenshot via WTOL News)

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6 replies
  1. Rebecca Soubra says:

    Thank you for saving this sweet dog! I hope they find who left her in the apartment alone and they r punished what kind of heartless inhumane person would do that lock them up and throw away the key!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thank God the real estate agent, Tim Johnson, was concerned enough to immediately go to the home and find this poor dog – he saved a life. The dog surely would have died if not for his quick actions. And whoever owns this house, if they are not the tenants, then they know who was – give them up – these inhumane selfish bastards need to be brought to justice, not a slap on the hands – they left this dog to die – make them pay for all medical expenses, and stick their useless asses in jail. Let them see what it is like to be unable to free yourself.

  3. Red says:

    Find the monsters who left their pet behind and lock them up, fine them and then ban them from EVER owning or adopting another pet!!! They do not deserve a pet if they can just walk away and leave this sweet dog with NOTHING but death.


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