Rattlesnake kills two dogs in Loxahatchee couple’s front yard

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In the Palm Beach County Loxahatchee area, a four-and-a-half foot Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake killed a family’s two large dogs on Thursday.

According to Anne Benson Arndt, the owner of 105-pound yellow Labrador retriever, Buster, and a Labrador mix named Mr. Wiggles, the two dogs had been barking in the front yard. As Anne approached the spot where the two dogs were, the dogs suddenly jumped away. Buster died within a few moments.  A rattlesnake had fatally struck the curious pooches.

Anne’s husband, Rick tried to kill the snake with a shovel, but it was so aggressive, in its coiled position, it continued to strike out at Rick. In pure frustration, Rick ran over the snake with his truck and as the snake crawled away, Rick used a shovel to kill it.

Sadly, Mr. Wiggles died a short time later at the veterinarian office. Experts state there has been an increase in rattlesnakes in the area because of the rainy weather – prompting the snakes to seek out drier land.

If you come in contact with a rattlesnake and hear the warning rattle, move away with slow, non threatening and and slow movements. Leave killing a rattlesnake to the professionals. It is assumed if you can get close enough to a snake to try and give it a direct hit, you are probably close enough to get bitten.

Rest in peace Buster and Mr. Wiggles. (Photo of the dogs via Facebook)

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7 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a horrible thing to have to witness, your precious dogs being killed like this. My sincere condolences to Buster and Mr Wiggles’s family. I know how much they will be missed.

  2. Marni Montanez says:

    oh how heartbreaking. All they were doing was enjoying a day outside and this horrible creature kills them.

  3. Adrienne says:

    So sorry about Buster and Mr. Wiggles and that Anne and Rick have wonderful memories of their two dogs to help them get through this. Hope they can adopt two other dogs when they feel the time is right. Buster & Mr. Wiggles protected their parents till the end. RIP Buster & Mr. Wiggles.


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