Ranger trying to get selfie with 35-foot python nearly choked to death

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As if “tangling” with a 35-foot python to catch a selfie isn’t for the weak of heart, have you heard about the ranger in India who thought he could take a selfie with the snake?

According to the London Free Press, all the warnings about posing with wild animals didn’t seem too important to forest ranger Sanjay Dutta who decided to pop a few photos with the 35-foot rock python on Sunday. After Dutta and his team had received complaints about the snake eating local goats, the men captured it with the intention of moving it to another location where it wouldn’t hurt farm animals. Instead of putting the snake in a sack, Dutta decided to wear it around his neck. Need we say more?

After Dutta flung the snake over his shoulders, the angry snake started to constrict around the man and nearly choked his host in a matter of seconds. In the video provided by Caters News, Dutta is seen staggering; another man assisted in pulling the snake off.

Neither the snake nor Dutta were injured. The python was moved to Baikanthapur forest and released.

(Photo of 35-foot python via Caters freezeshot video)

Check out the video here.

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  1. Kathleen Robbins says:

    Big Dummy! Glad the guy is okay, but of all people, he should know better! Rock pythons are big, very strong, and of all the large constrictors, they are especially cranky. Sheesh!


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