Queensland ‘Cat thrower’ in viral video located: Arrest expected

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In a disturbing video of a “cat thrower”, captured by a Snapchat user, a cat was deliberately thrown into a wall after a man hurled the defenseless animal over a fence in Queensland, Australia on Thursday. The RSPCA Queensland believes they have located the man responsible for the heinous deed.

The cat is shown hitting the brick wall of a neighbor’s house and then disappears out of the view of the video. Young men could be heard laughing. The man in the video wore a blue and yellow work shirt and appeared to be white with short dark hair.

According to FromPress, after the video went viral, the public became so outraged, RSPCA appealed for help tracking the culprit down. On Friday, a Queensland spokesperson, Michael Beatty stated the man had been found and thanked social media participants for their help.

“We are finalizing the investigation and charges are expected to be laid next week,” he said. “The reason that we were able to find him was obviously the fact that it had been posted on social media.”

Unfortunately, there has been an increase in animal cruelty cases – so many are being posted on social media. In Queensland, animal cruelty charges carry a maximum penalty of three years in prison or a $220,000 fine.

There have not been any updates on the cat.

(Photos of ‘cat thrower’ provided via RSPCA and Snapchat)

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  1. Fullest extent of the law on time behind bars and fine!! Make this monster HURT for the pain he inflicted on this poor cat!

  2. And WHY does this bastard be allowed to live? His actions proved he has the compassion of a rock and should be treated like the inbred punk he is – he gave no chance to an innocent cat and he deserves no chance – just hogtie his useless ass and dump him in the nearest body of deep water – no loss.


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