Queensland ‘cat thrower’ apologizes for hurling cat into brick wall

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An Ipswich man stepped forward on Friday, admitting he was the man captured on video hurling a cat over a fence and into a brick wall. The 19-year-old, identified as Samuel Conroy and referred to as the “cat thrower, stated he wanted to apologize for his actions.

According to 9News.Au., Conroy stated the video had been filmed  two weeks ago where he lives. He said the cat belonged to his roommate’s mother, but the cat was destructive by scratching. In the video, he is seen picking the black cat up into his arms. In a swift movement, he forcefully hurdles the cat into the air over a fence and watches the helpless animal slam into the brick wall of the home next door. The man then laughs. During his “apology” explanation, Conroy states:

“It was a case of me letting my anger take over, rather than using my brain. I tried getting it our of our yard and onto the roof, but missed the distance.”

The video had been recorded by one of his friends, and Conroy denied laughing at the throwing the cat – rather at his friends recording him.

The cat allegedly returned ten minutes later unharmed. Conroy said he felt sorry for the pet and fed her and gave her water, although readily admitting he doesn’t like cats.

Spokesperson for the SPCA Queensland, Michael Beatty would not confirm Conroy’s identity as the culprit, but added animal cruelty charges are soon to be levied. Meanwhile the cat is under the care of the RSPCA.

If found guilty, Conroy could face a maximum penalty of three years’ imprisonment or a $220,000 fine. Mr Conroy said a fine would be “well deserved”.

(Supplied photos of cat thrower via Facebook)

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10 replies
  1. J. Martin says:

    Well Sam .. I don’t give a FUCK how old you are or if you were sorry or not. You let your anger get the better of you? How about we get to do something to you .. Because we are more than angry. How about .. we take a baseball bat to your teeth and knock them all out. Don’t mind us if we laugh. Because we think you’re a LOW LIFE POS!!! You and your low life friends need that done to you .. ALL 3 of you!!!!

  2. Marni says:

    No…..he is apologizing for getting caught. His laughing after hurting a cat is proof of his cold and mean heart.

  3. Sue says:

    Too little, too late, Samuel. Backpedaling won’t undo what you did. I’m not convinced that if, in the future, you are confident that you’re out of range of cameras, you might not do it again.

  4. PAMELA D says:

    Absolutely he isn’t apologizing because he is sorry it is BECAUSE HE GOT CAUGHT.He needs someone to beat the shit out of him till he bleeds to death.

  5. Dana Lorelie Española says:

    That piece of crap should be thrown in a brick wall too! ????
    Then he should go to jail for at least 20 years!
    I hate animal abusers!
    Sarap ibitin ng patiwarik ng gagong yan! ????????

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    This hunk of white trash named Samuel Conroy only apologized because his useless punk ass was caught – I believe NONE of his self serving blather about feeding the cat – he only wants to get out of the trouble his vile cruelty got him into. Cats scratch and besides, it was not his cat – his friend’s mother’s cat – so it was NONE of his business what the cat did – he did it because he is an animal abuser plain and simple. PLEASE give him the full punishment – three years and the hefty fine that goes with it – he needs to be held responsible for his cruelty to an innocent animal. Maybe a jail sentence where he can become victim of some predatory inmates would be the real proper punishment to this miserable punk.


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