puppy won't be returned to owner who allegedly abused him

Puppy won’t go home to man accused of abusing him – despite judge’s order

A puppy who was seized from his owner, who was accused of animal abuse, will be getting a new home – despite a judge’s decision in the case. As reported by WCPO News, when Mac was just three months of age, neighbors contacted the authorities to report that his owner was kicking and hitting him – the local animal control in Clinton County, Ohio, seized the pup and turned him over to the Clinton County Humane Society.

What did the judge decide?

Though neighbors stated that the puppy was punched and kicked by his owner, the judge decided to acquit the man of the animal cruelty charge. Because the owner was acquitted, Mac was supposed to go back to his original home. The Clinton County Humane Society expressed sadness over the judge’s decision.

On August 9, the animal shelter made a public Facebook post about the situation:

“Many of you know about a puppy named Mac who has been in our care for six months. We are heartbroken to tell you that the accused abuser, who had failed to appear in court more than once, has been acquitted of cruelty to animals by Judge Michael Daugherty, despite eyewitness testimony of the abuse of a 3-month-old puppy.

Although we are heartbroken, sadly, we are not shocked — that is because it is rare for animal abusers in Clinton County, Ohio, to be convicted.”

Adding more details about the alleged abuse:

“This particular dog (now 9 months old) has been ordered by Judge Daugherty to be returned to the man who was seen by multiple witnesses in Blanchester, Ohio, taking the puppy and hanging it in the air by his leash, then kicking and hitting him repeatedly.

The Blanchester Police officer received multiple complaints on January 28, according to the report. The officer approached the defendant, who told the officer that he was “training” his new puppy to walk on a leash by kicking its feet out from under him.”

What is next for the puppy?

Even though Mac could have gone back to his owner’s home, he will not have to. The animal shelter alerted Facebook followers to the good news:

*UPDATE: Mac has been signed over to the Clinton County Humane Society! He will be neutered and a available for adoption by Thursday! We could not have done it without your help and support! You turned this dog’s life around today!***

As reported by the news agency, funds were donated to “buy” Mac from his owner so that he could be rehomed through the animal shelter.

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  1. tw says:

    I am so furious with judges in general…The ones in Southern California with the exception of the few who can put their big f-f-f-ing egos aside and rule with common sense and objectivity. So many of them are biased, rude and probably hate their job but stay in it for the easy bucks, perks, benefits and the fact it is difficult to remove and disbar a judge, especially ones with connections. Returning a puppy who fears its owner is as heinous as returning an abused child, who winds up dead, to its crazy and abusive parents. Get rid of the heavy energy in the court room by removing idiot judges and not allowing parasitic lifers to drain the system any longer.

  2. Sue says:

    RE: “…the man who was seen by multiple witnesses in Blanchester, Ohio, taking the puppy and hanging it in the air by his leash, then kicking and hitting him repeatedly.”

    While I’m glad that this puppy won’t be returned to the person who did that to him, the above description sound like what the military, police, and sheriffs do to their K9’s all the time. And reporting of it falls on deaf ears.

  3. Sue says:

    The problem with your comments section is that after someone posts a comment, it completely disappears without acknowledgement that it was received. I just left a comment, and I did not click on the post button, but the “notify” box below it. Still, it disappeared, and so I don’t know if it was received or not.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Whatever they had to do, they got this dog away from his abusive owner and will now have a chance at a good life. Great to hear stories like this with a good ending.

  5. pennysdachshunds says:


  6. Goldie Goodwin says:

    I’m happy the pup was signed over to the Humane Society. Too bad the owner is so greedy that it took money to make that happen. Without any real consequences to the abusive owner, and actually he was rewarded with money for bad behavior chances are high that he will just go get another puppy and start the cycle again.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another judge that doesn’t “get” it! Did he really think this pup would be safe with the abuser just because “the judge decided to acquit the man of the animal cruelty charges”? What is wrong with these judges, don’t they give a darn about anything, about a innocent life?

  8. Isabel Maria says:

    thank God, but you have to fire that judge, because if they do not do nothing to those criminals, is because he is one of them, no doubt about it. Most of your judges in the USA, are criminals, and you are about to know who they are.

  9. Diana Rowell says:

    I pray the wrath of God finds Judge POS Spineless Daugherty with a beating that leaves him blind and cripple for LIFE! I pray God You also find this dog beater in Clinton County Ohio who tortured Mac with a beating that leaves him blind and cripple for LIFE! This sub-human, maggot judge ought to be hung at the nearest tree until dead, BUT I’d rather see him deal with being blind and cripple for life to show him how it feels to be maimed by an unjust beating with NO ONE being punished for it.


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