Puppy suffers in silence: Noelle needs rescue

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Emergencies don’t stop because it is nearly Christmas Day. On Friday evening, the plight of Noelle broke hearts after she was found suffering in silence at an overcrowded animal shelter in Texas. Just a puppy, Noelle is less than a year-old; she is emaciated, most likely because she has been unable to eat due to her horrific injury.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC made arrangements to transfer the puppy to their McAllen, Texas emergency veterinarian hospital for life saving medical care. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization described the puppy’s critical injuries.


“Her jaw has literally been hacked off leaving her bone, gums, teeth  completely exposed. You can see dirt mixed in with twigs in the exposed area contributing to the raging infection. She now sits with half of her jaw/mouth obliterated with infection.”

It is unknown how Noelle was injured, but is suspected she has been walking around like this for quite a while. She is just skin and bones – barely able to eat.

“This poor dog has been suffering in silence,” Stacey added on the rescue group’s Facebook page. “Noelle is leas than a year old, covered in fleas as well. Let’s hope we are not too late.”

WARNING: Brief video is graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

The emergencies do not stop because it’s Christmas. Donations needed:

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  1. If any group can do anything to help Noelle it is RDR of NYC. They work around the clock tirelessly to save the worst of the worst cases of animal injuries and Noelle is in the best care. Pray she has the will and strength to work with the meds she is receiving to recovery from this and get adopted into a loving forever home.


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