Puppy Doe trial begins: Could last three weeks

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On a cold Tuesday morning at the North County Superior Court in Dedham, Massachusetts, a jury pool of 60 men and women admitted to having heard about the case of a defenseless two-year-old dog tortured to the brink of death almost five years ago. Radoslaw Czerkawski is the man accused of severely abusing and beating the young female pit bull; the trial is expected to last three weeks.

Czerkawski faces 12 counts of animal cruelty and one count of misleading police concerning the treatment and his knowledge of the dog named Puppy Doe. According to the Patriot Ledger, Judge Beverly Cannone told prospective jurors the trial could last from 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Jury selection is expected to continue on Wednesday impaneling 16 jurors; the trial slated to begin on Thursday.

Because of the intense international attention and demonstrations outside of the courthouse, the judge has prohibited all protests within 500 feet of the court house. Czerkawski speaks through a Polish interpreter who will translate the trial for him.

Prosecutors will trace Czerkawski’s story back to June 2013 when he was hired as a caregiver for a 95-year-old woman. He purchased the dog originally named Kiya off of a Craigslist ad and two months later, the puppy was found in a nearby park with injuries so horrific and severe, humane euthanasia was the only option because of her suffering.

Czerkawski has pleaded not guilty and points to kids at the park he contends abused the dog.

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  1. You fucking piece of shit I only want to see you die I wish someone in jail would fucking cut your throat out you piece of shit dirtbag go to hell

  2. Three weeks???? It wouldn’t take me but 3 seconds to find this POS guilty as charged. Then I’d sentence him to the same torture he inflicted on Puppy Doe. After all these years, she needs justice NOW.

  3. I’m hoping the laws in place allow some type of justice. I’m counting on the other prisoners to really bring justice to the table. An eye for an eye let’s put him on a rack and draw him time after time after time crush his spine with a baseball bat by beating the shit out of him stab him in the eye burn him and cut his tongue to make it look like a lizard…Do this over a period of months and starve him while we’re at it

  4. If there is any justice in this world….this low life, piece of scum, sorry excuse for a human will be thrown in jail and NEVER see the light of day again!

  5. Interpreter? What a croc. He stole from an American old lady he had been caring for since 2013. He was hired speaking English. He was hired as a caretaker and forsake that responsibility by being a thief. He mistreated that old woman as well as the pup. Czerkawski is an extremely dangerous greedy, depraved, individual who now will deal with the courts, prison and lots of Bubbas. Puppy Doe, you are forever loved, never forgotten. See you at Rainbow Bridge.

  6. I pray nothing goes wrong with this trial so that everything is legal and he is found guilty and jailed for 500 years……..

  7. His defense attorney will Say : this IS ONLY a Domestic Animal :: It is not like this man was torturing people… who the hell really knows what he did to people like the 94 year old… and what he would escalate to from animal to human… This poor little girl went thru Hell On Earth prior to being euthanized ( something that should not have to have happened) She would have been a lovely companion dog.. The jury I hope is a group of compassionate individuals that can see what an EVIL< DEVIATE< CRUEL <MONSTER HE IS :: Too bad there isn't a death penalty for THINGS SUCH AS THIS

  8. This maggot does not deserve a trial – all he deserves is the same torture he gave Puppy Doe. He has sat in jail for five years, being fed 3x a day by us American Citizens who only want to rip him to shreds and should be allowed to do so. He is a worthless hunk of trash and does not deserve to be humanely treated in any way, shape or form – his cruelty to an innocent defenseless dog proves it.


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