Puppy died from cardiac arrest after being shot

Puppy died from cardiac arrest after being shot by owner

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A puppy, grievously injured after being shot by his owners, died from cardiac arrest days after being found and rushed for emergency veterinary care in Port Orchard, Washington. The five-month-old Labradoodle, dubbed Toby, was found in some bushes on Monday – according to the Kitsap Sun, neighbors told the authorities that they heard a gunshot and the sound of whimpering before Toby was discovered.

On Thursday, the Kitsap Humane Society shared word of Toby’s passing with its Facebook followers:

We have some very, very sad news to share. Poor Toby passed away yesterday in the arms of our loving staff. Toby was shot by his owners on Monday (they are charged with animal cruelty), and arrived at KHS in need of emergency lifesaving surgery.

According to the animal shelter, Toby suffered damage to his diaphragm, thoracic wall, liver, and stomach – he survived major surgery on Monday evening, but began to decline rapidly on Thursday afternoon. The shelter wrote:

Despite the valiant efforts of our veterinary team, including an hour of CPR, Toby passed away. His poor little body had just been too damaged. Our staff are devastated by his passing.

Shelter and veterinary staff fell in love with the pup in the short time that he was in their care and expressed gratitude that he passed in the company of people who loved him, rather than alone and suffering in the woods.

Toby’s owner and another man are facing animal cruelty charges – apparently the puppy’s owner was frustrated because Toby wasn’t house-broken and had chewed on their belongings.

(Image via Kitsap Humane Society)

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17 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    The POS’s who tortured and abused this precious furbaby have reserved spaces in Hell where they will burn forever for their cruelty….. let’s all hope that they get there ASAP (after dying unloved, alone, afraid and in pain)…….

    BTW those idiots should know a 5 month old puppy is still a baby and requires time, attention and training…… hope they NEVER have kids…… they’re just perfect parent material….. NOT…….

    As sad as it is that Toby died, at least he knew loving care during his final hours instead of dying alone, afraid, in pain and unloved…..

    RIP precious Toby. You did NOT deserve to be tortured and abused….. please look for MacKitty in Heaven and you can RIP amongst loving snuggle buddies…..

  2. Stephen Phillips says:

    Just SHOOT THOSE CRETINS (“owners”), and put them out of OUR misery – BAST*RDS!

    Rest-in-peace, precious little soul: You deserved SO much more from life…

  3. Pamela Bolton says:

    The “owner” needs taken to the woods and shot!! What part PUPPY didn’t he get.? This sub-human needs thrown in jail and forgotten. His “things” could be replaced, the dog could not. God, I hate HUMANS.

  4. slv says:

    The POS “owner” shouldn’t be allowed to own another animal. Throw is butt in jail and a stiff fine!!!

  5. Animal Advocate says:

    Hope the monsters that did this are prosecuted to the fullest extent. Have they ever heard of training a puppy? They deserve the death penalty by execution! I wonder if they would shoot their children if they weren’t potty trained!

  6. Red says:

    RIP sweet Aubrey….. you were horribly betrayed by the people who were to love you and care for you. A pet is only BAD when they are not properly trained, and having only been adopted two months ago, he was not given enough time to adapt and learn the new rules of the house. May the horrible monsters who did this ROT in hell when their day comes.

  7. Louisa Cornell says:

    Someone please make certain these two cretins NEVER have access to a pet ever again. These two wastes of oxygen and flesh shot a sweet, innocent, fluffy little puppy because he had accidents on their floor, because he chewed THINGS – not living creatures – THINGS??? This was a living, breathing soul who probably adored them. What kind of rat bastards would do something like this? The kind who do not belong out in society with the rest of us. I know it will not happen, but they need to be locked up for a very long time. And they need to have themselves neutered. If you cannot deal with housebreaking a puppy you have no business procreating. I hope I never meet these two cowardly, nutless, useless morons, because I if I do I will need help hiding the bodies. And people wonder why I prefer the company of dogs to that of people. Poor baby, I am so sorry you were betrayed by these two wastes. You should never have been put into their hands. I hope no other dog suffers that fate.

  8. J. Martin says:

    Why are useless fucking morons allowed to have pets?? Pricks like this do NOT deserve to have any pets. What they deserve is to be shot between the eyes. Stupid BASTARDS! You killed this pup .. Because it wasn’t house broken and chewed some of your crappy belongings??? FUCKING WORTHLESS COCKSUCKERS …. it was an innocent puppy. You need to train them not to do stuff!!!!

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    If Toby wasn’t house-broken and had chewed on their belongings, whose fault was that? Puppies have to be trained not shot! I hope these POS owners rot in jail! Why does someone who would shoot a puppy for doing what puppies do, get one in the first place. Rest in peace Toby, you didn’t deserve to die like this!

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    This maggot was no ‘owner’ he was an abuser plain and simple. His actions only proved he had no right to be anywhere near an animal – puppies chew, and it takes patience to housetrain – apparently this maggot was too ignorant, arrogant and/or just plain stupid to take the time to work with Toby so he killed him. Well, buddy, I hope your day is real close to that fatal encounter with an 18 wheeler – you deserve no less.


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