Puppy chained in outside cage died in excessive heat

Puppy chained in cage dead after being left in extreme heat

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A puppy, just ten months of age, is dead after his owner left him chained inside of a cage which was left outside during excessive heat in Nashville, Tennessee. According to WKRN News, the Rottweiler pup, named Hustle, was found dead inside of a metal cage in the owner’s yard on Monday – temperatures over the holiday weekend had soared into the mid-90s.

Animal control had visited the house before

According to the news agency, Metro Animal Services had been to the house before – in the past, officers had attempted to educate the 41-year-old owner about proper dog ownership, but their advice seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Cory Wells with the animal welfare agency, stated:

 In May, an officer responded to a call about a dog chained up outside. We educated her on proper tethering, proper shelter, water, gave her resources, yet we are here today with the same outcome, unfortunately.

Following Hustle’s death, officers have repeatedly attempted to contact the owner to deliver her citation for animal cruelty – so far, she has not been home to talk to animal control. If the owner does not respond in a “timely manner,” a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

As reported by WKRN, the owner, not yet publicly identified, has been in trouble with the law before.

Dog safety when it is hot

It should go without saying…if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pets. If at all possible, bring dogs inside of the house when it is hot outside. Dogs who must be left outdoors should be provided with adequate shelter from the sun, and plenty of cold, fresh water.

(Screenshot of deceased puppy via WKRN News)

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15 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Extremely sad that this dog had to do because the police tried to “educate this woman, who probably didn’t even understand “English”, so now because of her stupidity and the police not taking this poor pup right away the first time, there is another needless death of a dog that could have been adopted by a loving family. Arrest her and throw this scum in jail and she can’t own another dog ever again.

    • maxiemom says:

      How did you get from ‘educating the woman’ to her not understanding English?

      Do you even understand the rationale and thought processes behind what you’re saying?

  2. PAMELA D says:

    Metro Animal Services waited until this puppy died what a wonderful crew! Maybe these assholes should be chained inside a cage and left in extreme heat. Is this what they waited for if they visited this scumbag before?

  3. PAMELA D says:

    If you have to educate an asshole who is the scum of the earth how to take care of an animal they shouldn’t have one. It is a shame their mother didn’t do this shit to them when they were born….this goes to all animal abusers. Hope they all rot with cancer.

  4. Micele says:

    Here’s an idea stick the bitch in a cage outside in the sweltering sun no food no water let’s see what happens…. until society gets serious about punishment fits the crime this kind of shit will continue to happen.
    The fact that they have to educate this woman on how to properly care for something supersedes anything she is not fit to
    A..look after a dog
    B..look after a human being
    Let’s hope this retard has no children.

  5. Julie Enos says:

    Exactly Pamela you should not have an animal if you need educated. I ask why does a 10 month old puppy need chained inside of a cage? Where was it going to go. I also blame these officers that saw this puppy needed rescue and did nothing. Idiots all of them.

  6. maxiemom says:

    From the article this is based on, this POS has a rap sheet going back 12 years and she’s a thoroughly unsavory character.

    They shouldn’t have allowed her to have a pet after the first time they came to her home if her rap sheet, with its weapons violations, is that long.

    Why is she on the road in a truck when her dog was left in a cage in her backyard anyway?

    She needs to be locked up in a cage and left there. PERIOD.

  7. Jan Barnes says:

    It’s going to be ‘blazing hot” where this BITCH is going … In the meantime, she should be locked up in a boiling hot cage and forgotten!

  8. pennysdachshunds says:

    AS for the Metro Animal Services:: These COMPLETE NITWITS are JUST AS GUILTY::; Why didn’t they FOLLOW UP Sooner so see if the poor dog was being treated respectfully and safely… THEY DIDN”T REALLY GIVE A SHIT THAT”S WHY!!! As for Charges on the Stupid BITCH That allowed her dog to suffer in a horrific fashion… No shade, No Shelter, No WATER!!! She shouldn’t be That DAMN hard to FIND!!! COME ON down THERE IN “TUNE”S LAND” get you lazy asses OUT AND FIND HER!!! DID YOU GUYS JUST LEAVE THE DOG THERE TO ROTT!!!

  9. Red says:

    She deliberately murdered this poor animal…..and in a very painful….. gut wrenching way. MAKE THIS VILE, HORRIBLE, WRETCHED EXCUSE of a human pay.
    HEY KARMA……..OVER HERE….. let her FEEL true fright, thirst, and heat…..burning up!

  10. Barkley's Mom says:

    Why didn’t Metro Animal Services take the dog away from this moron if they had been called to the residence before. How many chances do you give a POS to kill a dog? You don’t leave town driving a truck and leave a dog like this in the first place! What a waste of a precious puppy’s life!


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