Puppy beaten with hammer may have been microwaved as well

Puppy beaten with hammer may have also been microwaved

A puppy who was beaten to death with a hammer may have also been microwaved. The horrific cruelty happened to an eleven-week-old puppy named Sparky who was found discarded in a bin in February 2018.

The accused puppy killer

The accused puppy killer is identified as 23-year-old Kyle Keegan – the torture is believed to have taken place at a raucous alcohol and drug-fueled party in the Ailbury Park area of Lurgan, a town in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, reports BBC News.

The attack

A necropsy confirmed that the puppy sustained multiple fractures and brain trauma in the attack. There are also allegations that the pup was placed into a microwave oven. There is ongoing forensic testing to confirm if this allegation is true.

Evidence in the case

The authorities were able to retrieve a blood-splattered t-shirt and a bloodied hammer from the place where the puppy was bludgeoned to death. There is also a 16-year-old witness who claims to have heard  “bangs and a yelp,” at the flat where the attack took place – the youth claims to have seen the accused man with a bloodied hammer in his hand on the day that the puppy was killed.

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12 replies

    I have a great idea, do the same thing to this moron, and maybe, just maybe other folks will think twice before doing this to any other animal or person. just saying!

  2. Adrienne says:

    The list goes on and goes across the ocean to Ireland. Animal cruelty knows no bounds and these vile non human scum need to be dealt with so severely that they are gone from this world forever. The faces on most of these abusers/killers is the same vile, scary look that they probably had when they tortured/killed that animal. Our justice system needs to apply sentencing a lot different than they use to. No more slap on the wrist but severe punishment to match what they did to the dog or other animal.

  3. Nadya Rossi says:

    Depraved drunks should face medieval punishment: hanging, drawing & quartering. With a boiling hot poker. In front of the whole village. I volunteer!

  4. Bev Woodburn says:

    The vile and evil psychopathic depraved animal torturing monster 23-year-old Kyle Keegan must be put to death by the same unimagainble heinous torture and suffering this evil animal torturing monster committed against a defenceless and innocent Puppy named Sparkey. RIP little fella. Karma will get this monster.
    Their must be much stricter Animal Protection Laws introduced so that all animal torturers and abusers are put to death by the same vile and evil torture and suffering these animal torturing psycho monster bastards commit against their defenceless and innocnet victims. This is the only answer that these vile and evil animal torturers and abuser will be stopped. Kill them all. Then our precious animals will be safe from these monsters.


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