Puppies covered in latex paint during couple’s domestic argument

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In a disturbing domestic argument situation, four puppies were rescued in Kansas City that had been covered from head to toe in paint. The puppies are now being cared for at the KC Pet Project.

According to the organization’s Facebook page,  the nine-week-old puppies were rescued on Saturday night and brought to the shelter. A shelter supervisor stated a man had dumped a large jug of paint on the puppies.

“All four puppies at the home were found covered in thick latex paint. Our veterinary team worked late into the evening examining them for injuries and analyzing how to remove the paint. Sadly, the only safe alternative was to shave off all of their paint-laden fur. They are resting comfortably today and being cared for in our shelter’s veterinary care center. We’re hopeful that they will recover and may be placed up for adoption this week. We’re so proud of the work our team does every day to save innocent animals in our community from cruelty and neglect.”

Unfortunately, only chemicals harmful to the puppies could remove latex paint thus making the only solution left – to shave them. The four puppies, all pit bull mixes, are doing fine. On Monday, the puppies were all spayed and neutered and are available for adoption. Three boy puppies and one girl are looking for loving homes. They have been named Jackson Polluck, Firda Kahlo, Pablo Picasso and Banksy. Adoptions are first come, first serve, so if you’re looking for your new best friend, come on over and meet the puppies.

Donations to help us provide the medical care for these sweet puppies can be made to KC Pet Project’s Roadrunner Medical Fund at http://donate.kcpetproject.org/roadrunnerfundand are greatly appreciated

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11 replies
  1. Rieann says:

    Wait a min these baby’s are Just 9 weeks old and they were spay/neuter???? Never heard of so young being done to there is a reason they wait till 6 months for things sad

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    This frigging asshole that took his anger out on innocent puppies best be sitting in jail awaiting trial on felony animal cruelty – anyone who is so low on the human scale has the brain power of a doorknob – these puppies did nothing BUT were the victims of two useless scum who took their anger out on puppies. I hope they are all adopted and given the safe loving homes they definitely never had. Hope these two douchebags never have kids.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    Hopefully The two Pukes that caused the discomfort and pain to these innocent Pups… go and get themselves spayed and neutered !!! THEY DON”T NEED TO REPRODUCE!!!

  4. Nena Miller says:

    I hope they took the mother dog out of that hell hole. She can’t possibly be safe there and she certainly needs to be spayed just like her puppies befor these jackass sociopaths let her breed again! And just put him and leave his ass in jail, he’s useless.


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