Pup born, only to be ‘confined, starved and forgotten’

Pup confined and starved after being born
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A pit bull pup dubbed Bubs, was born…only to be “confined, starved and forgotten.” At a year of age, the neglected dog weighed in at just 9 lbs. and was so weak that he was unable to lift his head. On January 10, the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, introduced Bubs to Facebook followers, and shared his sad story.

The animal shelter wrote:

“(he) is terribly emaciated and came in covered in his own urine. Bubs was brought to BARCS after he was rescued by a good Samaritan who knew he was being neglected in his former home.”

Bubs condition upon arrival at the shelter was so dire that he had to be taken to an emergency veterinarian – he was weak, unable to raise his head or stand, and his body temperature was so low that it did not register on a thermometer. After he was provided with round-the-clock care, he was transferred back to the animal shelter and taken in as a foster pup by one of the staff members.

The shelter believes that Bubs is an American bulldog mix, but he has stunted growth from being starved. The shelter noted that Bubs’ front legs are abnormal and he shows signs of being confined into a small space which did not allow for him to stand.

On January 11, the animal shelter updated Facebook followers about the young dog, who is reveling in the good life at his foster home:

Here he is snuggled up next to his two favorite things, his warm foster brother Beans, and a heated blanket. His eyes are lifted and free of worry—it seems that Bubs is finally learning what it means to be a loved dog.

The shelter added:

Last night, Bubs’ body temperature finally reached a level that it is safe to give him a much-needed bath. He is, however, still emaciated and on a strict and frequent feeding schedule. With dogs that are this thin and dehydrated, it’s important to reintroduce food slowly, because Bubs’ body has to re-learn how to eat and accept food. Once Bubs is more stable, we will be sending him to an orthopedic specialist to see what the best course of action is for his legs.

Bubs will be on his journey to health for quite some time. Individuals interested in contributing to his veterinary expenses can make a donation here (please type Dubs to designate the funds for him).

(Images via BARCS Facebook page)

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page

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    • This little dog’s PUTRID former owner must be related to the Scum Buckets that staved and deprived their 13 small children and adult children …. UNDER THE EYES of a Whole Neighbor hood !!!!! This EVIL person needs to be TURNED IN BEFORE THEY DO THIS TORTURE to OTHER ANIMALS!!!ASAP!!!! CALL THE AUTHORITIES>>

  1. God bless whoevet rescued buns he is doing much better & will survive he needs a long way to recover it he will evil assholes who did this there will be a time when they need help & will no out & die ng

  2. Pathetic subhumans to torture a creature in such a horrific way of the earth which we are to cherish & protect!

    Gratitude to the one that got Bub’ s out of their finally

    Only wish they would have acted when they knew abuse was happining to prevent what Bub’s is going threw now.

    Didn’t read a word on the subhumans if going to be charged for this! ugh

  3. Poor Baby! I hope he recovers and that the people responsible for his condition are imprisoned permanently! Please keep us updated on this case!

  4. Thank God this baby is saved but what about any other dogs. What kind of demons do this???? Who sees it and doesn’t report it. You know someone at some point in that length of time had to have seen this dog in their care and his condition!!!! Criminal scum is all they are!!!

  5. This good Samaritan who did rescue Bubs needs to go one step further and divulge the name of the maggot puke that treat this poor dog so badly – they need to be sitting in jail OR hung from the nearest tree (preferable).

  6. ♥️????????????♥️ Sweet Bubs, I’m praying for your speedy and complete recovery. May the Angels watch over you and may God bless you with restored health and spirit. You are loved, precious baby. ♥️????????????????????????????????????♥️


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